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   Horoscope of druids, use sometimes also by a horoscope gallic. Druids gave a large value the forest, to the trees among which they had to live. From here, obviously, and the connection of human characters conducted by them with trees. They asserted that everybody, as well as tree, had the certain lines, dignities and failings. Every tree and everybody requires certain terms for life. Druids gave a very important value winter and summer opposition of a Sun, vernal or summer equinox. In these days arranged solemn processions and sacrificed white bulls. In general position of a Sun in relation to Earth served as basis of their horoscope. In accordance with him the fate of man, his future, character and capabilities, in opinion of druids, depend on the delete of a Sun from Earth in the day of his birth. Therefore every sign and has two periods of action:

Apple tree 22 December - on January, 1 25 June - on July, 4
silver Fir 2 January - on January, 11 5 July - on July, 14
Stuck 12 January - on January, 24 15 July - on July, 25
Cypress 25 January - on February, 3 28 July - on Augusts, 4
Poplar 4 February - on February, 8 5 August - on August, 13
Kartas 9 February - on February, 18 14 August - on Augusts, 23
Pine-tree 19 February - 28 / on February, 29 24 August - on Septembers, 2
Willow 1 March - on March, 10 3 September - on September, 12
Linden-tree 11 March - on March, 20 13 September - on Septembers, 23
Hazel 22 March - on March, 31 24 September - on Octobers, 3
wild Ash 1 April - on April, 10 4 October - on October, 13
Maple 11 April - on April, 20 14 October - on Octobers, 23
Nut 21 April - on April, 30 24 October - on November, 2
Jasmin 1 May - on May, 14 3 November - on November, 11
Chestnut 15 May - on Mays, 24 12 November - on November, 21
Ash 25 May - on Junes, 3 22 November - on December, 1
Hornbeam 4 June - on June, 13 2 December - on December, 11
Fig 14 June - on Junes, 23 12 December - on December, 21
Oak 21 March is a vernal equinox (a day is equal to night)
Birch 24 June is summer opposition (longest day)
Olive 23 September is an autumn equinox (a day is equal to night)
Beech 21 December is winter opposition (longest night)

   Apple tree:of Decembers, 23 - on January, 01; on June, 25 - on July, 4
   Rarely is high, raduet an eye, much in it likable, well built, a lot of charm and heartiness. Suggests an idea about love, even then, when about it and does not think (that happens rarely). An APPLE-TREE is a tree very sentimental, sensible. Ljubov interests it as in theory, so, sure, and practically. Frequently decides on the married life, not feeling large senses (An APPLE-TREE is a tree very scalene) to the partner, however much it means the final waiver of love and senses. If it by chance will meet a partner, proper its spirit and taste, their matrimony will be beatitude. An APPLE-TREE is always faithful in love (both in free and in matrimonial, and even in pozasupruzheskoy) to late age. Unselfish, extravagant, easily added on deception. Would give an own shirt, would be divided the last slice of bread. At all of it, however, APPLE-TREE not prostushka. Not thinking about a morrow, it lives from a day to the day, sometimes incurs debts and forgets about them, that in general for it naturally. It - complete fantasy philosopher, glad life and persons interested nobody neither to surprise nor convince. Not accept it, however, for a creature frivolous. Intellectual, serious and logical, APPLE-TREE has a sense to science. All reads, that behaves to the interesting it area. The sum of its knowledges is to my surprise great, but it tries to amaze nobody, all simply reads in an order to satisfy the curiosity. Scientific theories, apparently, interest it in the same degree, as well as good kitchen. Prefers pleasures of this world beatitude in the world other. Lines of borning under a sign APPLE-TREE: emotionality, heartiness, intellectuality, propensity to the reflection, logic, analytical mind.

   Silver fir:of January, 02 - on January, 11; on July, 05 - on July, 14
   Beautiful rather cold, strict beauty, loves age-old decorations, and also prigashennye lamps, smells of perfumes, old things and complete grandeur holidays. Capricious and not always easy in intercourse and joint life. Sense of apartness is developed, therefore often feels itself be single even in a large collective. Little added extraneous influence, however rarely offers an opinion, does not differ large loquacity and gaiety. Very proud, persistent in achievement of the put aims. In love rarely satisfied. Demanding and uncooperative. Always wants much to get from life, because knows about the dignities, and it is succeeded usually to it. It happens it also vlyublyat'sya without memory, and then the whole world is stood by a shipwreck. Its love can be boundless. Exceptionally clever, possesses analytical capabilities, scientific tendencies, but not always arrives at success. It happens that works in an area, having nothing in common with its tendencies and speciality. To work belongs in earnest and arrives at certain heights honesty and meticulousness. Put before a choice among different solutions elects usually most difficult. Creation of difficult situations on your own et al - here, actually, its calling. Noble, that did not happen - it is possible to depend upon it wholly. In any situation able not to lose the presence of mind, hope and faith. A silver FIR is higher than little things. It is legible and prefers satisfaction shallow pleasures in large. Lines born under a sign silver FIR: intellectual constitution of mind, propensity to the analysis, reflection, logic, asceticism.

   Stuck:of January, 12 - on January, 24; on July, 15 - on July, 25
   Large, slender, beautiful. Very attractive for circumferential, but has in itself something retentive. Not too, however, watches after itself, dressed with some simplicity, often can not part with an old favourite sweater. An ELM not prityazatelen and does not like to complicate itself life. For him a calmness and even temper is characteristic. The most noticeable failing is a sluggishness. Propensity to moralizirovaniyu is the most unbearable line. Despite visibility, for him weak health. Rectilineal and opened, disarms generosity. Believes in still human kindness. Business which protects, always nobly, and he trusts that will obtain confession early or late. Stronger, than other, experiences failures. Able much to do for a benefit it and near, possesses the developed sense of responsibility, long. In senses passionate, can be even ardent. If a choice of him will be successful, he will manage to create terms, that love in his house outlived the diamond wedding. Likes to lead and considerably in a less measure - to submit. Has influence on other and quite often uses the influence. Skilful in a management people. His requirements are also great, as well as love which he gives. Behave to him patiently, he costs it. Able to be very devoted. Has sensible reason and skilful hands. Differs an active mind, concrete and practical. Possesses sense of humour and often this sense rescues him in moments of disappointments. His life will be pleasant and without every shocks, I.e. such, what he wishes itself. Lines born under a sign ELM: observation, organizational capabilities, realism.

   Cypress:of January, 25 - on February, 03; on July, 26 - on Augusts, 04
   Does not attach a significance to success in life, does not pursue after glory, after a money. Unique, what he wishes, - to be happy. Avoids everything, that would put problems before him. Loves summer walks, animals and hunt. It he can be seen in a boat, thoughtful above a fishing-rod and, in spite of it, he does not love loneliness. Tries to arrange the life so that to be among numerous family or (in one's youth) in permanent society of friends. Not sentimental. More frequent only a few rather rude, but not deprived heartfelt heat of persons; severe, but simultaneously and quiet. Pleasant in society. His presence operates sedative. A CYPRESS likes to dream and, rather, gives itself to carry the flow of life, what organizes it. Submerged in dreams, by ideas always somewhere in other place. Avoids sharp discussions regardless of matter of dispute. Actually, elasticity of his character - that is searched in him. Unattainable in the loyalty. It is faithful the love, friendship, flashbacks, and if who will endow sense that, not hesitating, it is possible to apply to him for a help. His intelligentsia is carried by speculative character. Favourite employment is reasonings on any theme. Judgements are careful thought out and clever. Life his thicket all flows quietly and exactly among those, who he loves. Lines born under a sign CYPRESS: constancy of sense, loyalty, reflection, intelligentsia, analytical mind, logic.

   Poplar:of February, 04 - on February, 08; on August, 05 - on August, 13
   Decorativeness, slenderness and beauty from extreme youth. At the years, however, creates itself problems. Very sensible to the flow of time, before time begins to be afraid of old age, from this fear stareet yet more. Only good influence of circumferential can give a help, it is therefore necessary attentively to choose people with which necessary to communicate. It is necessary to show a carefulness at the change of place of stay: not every environment plays in the favour of development of POPLAR. He feels off in crowd conditions, but does not love, however, to live isolated. Feels a requirement in comrades, but suffers from surroundings of persons, not chosen them. Very sensible to the restriction of freedom and easily falls in pessimism. Tries not to show it, but nobody can long err on that score. His love is sensible to the least troubles and even change can show him out of equilibrium. Sometimes touched by itself, but more frequent it succeeds him it to hide, and in this saying nothing takes an original delight. A courage and pride help him to overcome the most intricate problems, and on his face it is rarely possible to notice an anxiety. Those, who know him little, often take him for a person merry and quiet. He is not a materialist, has a sense to altruism. Thus splendidly organized and does not forget about the future. In matrimony is difficult happiness, is too sensible and superfluously independent. His weapon in matrimonial squabbles is indifference, complemented a smile and joke. If not able to act differently, has a sense to stick to in relation to a partner hostilely. Has a thin innate mind which quite not stareet. His penetrating and critical constitution of mind can even sometimes to have influence on his ambition. A lot of POPLARS meets among physicians. Lines born under a sign POPLAR: a requirement is in independence, propensity to the nervous breakdown, reverie and synthesis, intuitions and fantasies, inspired mind.

   Kartas:of February, 09 - on February, 18; on August, 14 - on Augusts, 23
   Branchy, powerful and although not very much slender, makes the impression solid and beautiful plant. Without effort adapts to every terms. True, he also dreams about comforts, but in the case of necessity can spend the night under open-skies. Possesses a good health. Everywhere he feels as at home and does not know, what timidity. Dynamic, sure, compels to consider by itself, simultaneously very sensible to the jokes concerning the person and not very much understands them. Likes to stagger, take aback, to be the center of universal attention, ready on any victims, that it to attain. Considers that exactly he must make a decision and pronounce a decision word. With brilliance settles the most difficult questions. Does not know a danger, unfar-sighted and possesses for free twisted in in unforeseen situations. Fortunately, however, able easily from them to go out. Proud, proud, rectilineal, here incorrigible optimist, that results frequently in careless acts both in business and in personal life. Has nature, feel like excesses. At visible independence inclined to be added extraneous influence. Sent an experimental hand, can become the weapon of stranger will. Gives oneself up the soul and body business which chosen, therefore among KARTASOV there is a lot of heroes, but much and martyrs. Subject to stranger influences, also possesses ability to have influence on other. Renders propulsive influence on circumferential. Very persistent and belongs to the number those, who is always right. Sensible, receptive and sentimental - can be attached forever and perceives this love from a capital letter. Other perceives as a pleasant and deprived greater value method of spending time. Intellectual and possesses a capacity for the synthesized perception of problems. Speed with which thinks over and makes a decision striking. Often finds out propensity to artistry, mainly in area of music. In any event, he is distinguished by large sense of rhythm. Born for adventures, conducts mobile and various labour life usually. Lines born under a sign KARTASA: impulsiveness, optimism, intelligentsia, capacity for deduction.

   Pine-tree:of February, 19 - on February, 28/29; on Augusts, 24 - on Septembers, 02
   Refined silhouette, beautiful, decorative. Able to underline the dignities. Loves a house, valuable objects, beautiful interior. Often a that nice house which it would not develop without creates to itself. It is talked that it knows, what wants, but does not give itself to carry on will of waves, that it is not enough to it that life gives. It is not in it nothing submissive, able to plan and subordinate terms the necessities. Brave, resistance meets with heaved up a head and does not allow undriving to overcome itself. Due to boldness and ability to risk always goes ahead. In-process able to have success regardless of sort of activity, which elects. A PINE-TREE is distinguished by a persistence with which it goes on the chosen path and from which hardness to hammer together it. Able to go out from the most difficult situation. Very rapid and exact in operations. In spite of affability in circulation and ability to be a nice friend, there is not a superfluous complexity and generosity in it. Own prosperity and comforts - foremost. Failures do not drive away other the sleep from its eyelids, happens although, it mentions about them with sympathy in comradely conversations. Only in one shows a weakness - in love. Chuvstvenna and impulsive - is carried away easily, and then is already lately. At all of it has a mind heartfelt and thought is well-organized, is a good organizer. Able to make necessary pushes for achievement of the put aims and, as a rule, arrives at them. From any, even from love, troubles able to go out with honour. The sign of PINE-TREE is extraordinarily friendly to the women. Lines born under a sign PINE-TREE: aesthetic mind, organizational capabilities, propensity to the analysis.

   Willow:of March, 01 - on March, 10; on Septembers, 03 - on September, 12
   With the song melancholy beauty WILLOW is very attractive and original. Even if only visibility determines basis of its charm (especially, if WILLOW is a woman), feel nothing mysterious in it. It is full not clear ideas, unrealized desires which at times and can not define. Very sensible, loves a sun heat, stay at water. Reacts on all of smells and tastes. As nobody other, can utillize minute gladnesses and not refuse itself in none of them. It is not necessary to trust external meekness of WILLOW. Despite it, it is businesslike and decisive, knows well, that wants. To never nobody imposes nothing, as in it sense of respect is developed to other and there is not a desire to command. Present in it nothing from a poet. Its melancholy sentences concerning an approaching autumn and fleeting life it is not necessary to accept too in earnest and to consider the display of pessimism. A WILLOW is a very difficult partner, because does not possess a capacity for rapid adaptation and does not love compromises. Its defencelessness and helplessness frequently only tactic. Sometimes for entertainment, and sometimes and for the personal benefit it is brilliantly able to perform from itself weakling. In general in life able it is splendid to defend oneself. In senses rather romantic, what sentimental. Loves perceptible pleasures, brings in the poetic colouring in them. A WILLOW does not love senses of workaday, colourless. It possesses artistic capabilities, intuition and rich imagination. Sometimes is a quite good psychologist, that at the certain penetrating allows it to guess stranger ideas and desires. Its life would flow quite quietly, if it were not for excessive appetence to the love sufferings. However necessary it is to take its complaint seriously: senses, not prikrashennye sufferings, are not appreciated by it. Lines born under a sign WILLOW: intuition, rich imagination.

   Linden-tree:of March, 11 - on March, 20; on September, 13 - on Septembers, 22
   Unheard of charming and able the charm to use. Can each turn one's head. Dreams about stable, well-to-do, complete comforts of life and frequently does not give itself a report, that all of it does not have a greater value for it. It easily adapts to any terms. It is enough to have a tent, to create the atmosphere of home comfort. Quiet in appearance and even a few weak-willed, taciturn, fearful, here serene and pessimistic. Frequently LINDEN-TREE passes through all of life with sense of boredom. It is its basic enemy. It is unsteady, especially sensible to flattery. Complete contradictions, very difficult for decoding. One in it undoubtedly: it is very likable. Socializing with it is very pleasant easily, there is feeling of psychical comfort. A LINDEN-TREE patiently hearkens to the interlocutor, respectfully behaves to the fellow creatures, does not aim to command by them. All very love it even then, when it is not very much possible to rely on it. Possesses the practical constitution of mind, propensities to the technique, resourceful and exact. If will meet the family soul on a vital way - matrimonial love can return it an equilibrium, to deliver from contradictions. Thus possesses the strongly developed self-respect. It is jealous, frequently without an occasion. Lines born under a sign LINDEN-TREE: sociability, observation, realism, organizational capabilities.

   Hazel:of March, 22 - on March, 31; on Septembers, 24 - on Octobers, 03
   Often weak, unattractive. The "Ya" does not lay on on opinion other. But if with him to meet nearer, it is impossible to be not added a charm which he radiates, not to see his original mind. A HAZEL is satisfied small, adapts to the various terms of life and all understands. His exterior is made by an almost magic action. If wants, can please, able to compel to love itself. Able to be kind, wise, patient, but can be and dangerous, wicked, harmful. All in him witchcraft - white or black, depending on his minute mood or own whim. Without a remain kind or acutely wicked - such is HAZEL, and not unnaturally people, borning under this sign, in middle ages often laid to witchcraft. Freezing on anybody, he will do everything, to facilitate him life. But be careful, if will not conquer his liking. In spite of modesty and restraint, never passes unnoticed. Extremely original, unlike on anybody, life interprets otherwise, what all. Even when he is loved, he wakes sense of anxiety. Able to guess the most secret ideas, come forward with unexpected suggestions, acts so, that it is possible to expect from it all. Very unstable, can be very initiative, and all can to leave and go with a stream. Gives itself herein report, even gives out villages itself for a person very prudent. In love can be a favourite or most painful partner. Subject to the rapid changes of mood. Engage in him, if are not afraid of risk. If joint life with him and will not bring rest, will be very keen. Possesses scalene knowledges, studies and understands everything extraordinary quickly and easily. But only on his good will depends, whether he will apply the knowledges with a benefit and fully. Lines born under a sign HAZEL: propensity to the synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

   Wild ash:of April, 01 - on April, 10; on Octobers, 04 - on October, 13
   Proof nature hides after a fragile exterior. Nice and charming, and on an amble it is possible to judge and know it from a distance. A smile does not almost abandon her face, not so much from an internal gaiety, how many due to self-control. Able to underline own dignities, likes to be well dressed. Possesses good taste. Quickly privykaet to the changes of situation. Likes to deliver fellow creatures gladness, even in harm to itself. Not selfish, but a few egocentrichna. Independent, but sometimes allows to put itself in dependent position. Aims, however, to live by independent life. Large sense of responsibility compels it to feel guilty for all of what be going on (complex of guilt). Contacts with it are difficult, and mutual ratios are difficult. Simplicity failing it. It is distinguished sensitiveness to external influences, love to wonderful, loyalty and affability. It is always possible to rely on it. Sometimes is naive and allows itself to exploit. In love gives much, but also requires a great deal. Constantly checks up sense. It can not be cheated, it is impossible to disappoint, it will not forgive. A wild ASH will not sell. Its personal life is very rich. Full anxieties about a morrow. Far-sighted, that often suggests an idea about matrimonial connections with it. Very clever and often very showy. It happens that some will not realize the plans, stuck in workaday businesses. Lines born under a sign wild ASH: sensitiveness of mind, fantasy, propensity to the synthesis, intuition, imagination.

   Maple:of April, 11 - on April, 20; on October, 14 - on Octobers, 23
   Exact, well-groomed, sometimes even trifle coquettish. Often is wherein most interestingly. Watches in fashion. Does not belong to the number ordinary personalities. Full of go and cheerfulness, tireless. MAPLE, as they say, always on height of position. He can be added on individualists. Although on the nature MAPLE is restrained and timid, he can accept the most risky solutions, which a not so much financial factor is underlaid, how many vital interest. Does not like to sit too long at home, gladly knows new people. Has a gift to cause people on, frankness. But it is not necessary to fear, if something told him, - he never reprobates stranger acts and does not stir about stranger secrets. Usually is full plans, frequently unusual, eccentric. Loves various novelties, with enthusiasm protects new ideas, but rarely will realize own projects. It, however, does not interfere with him to get satisfaction from the wide horizons. I am in him and drop of cynicism. He does not love and is not afraid of public opinion. Opposite, he likes, that about him talked. In love he is difficult. Goes surprisings and unforeseen roads. But it does not mean that he will not be able to find happiness, if will meet a partner with analogical thought and taste. A mind has clear and penetrating. In spite of the fact that full problems, deprived neither imagination nor intuition. In a word, character is multilateral. Lines born under a sign MAPLE: living character, sense of humour, capacity for deduction, analytical constitution of mind.

   Nut:of April, 21 - on April, 30; on Octobers, 24 - on November, 02
   Naturalness in his eyes is not dignity. He cares of style, thin and refined manners, he is simply timid in actual fact. A NUT often consists of contradictions, is capricious, aggressive, selfish. But he is similarly hospitable, polite, bold in projects. He can be both loyal and faithful and inconstant. It is never known how he will act in one or another case and how with him to apply. Without every grounds daryl and deprives the friendship and love. Sometimes likes to suffer and with pleasure compels to suffer other. He is necessary necessarily to complicate a situation. Tormented the necessity of display of the exceptional nature, jealous and friendly, NUT does not differ even temper. If love him or consist with him of amities, will be constantly subject to the surprises. Engage in him, if feel that able to resist his influence, otherwise he wholly will subordinate you the will. In life able to be a magnificent strategist. Well estimates the consequences of the intentions, decides on very insidious actions, does not allow to restrain itself the superfluous pricks of conscience. Often subjugates surrounding a quickness actions. However there are NUTS-tikhoni. Aims, that his life was not ordinary. It is not afraid of risk, does not try to be liked, does not acknowledge compromises, does not go about in the beaten paths. NUT has a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies is equal. Considers that can expect only on itself. Cares of maintainance of own independence and apartness. Sometimes is the special, which it notices and with which it is necessary to be considered. Lines born under a sign NUT: decision, observation, organizational capabilities.

   Jasmin:of May, 01 - on May, 14; on November, 03 - on November, 11
   Mobile, living and sociable, attracts to itself free and able conversation, besides the desire becomes a spotlight. Usually exactly from him expect creation of the relaxed situation in society. It appears all balanced, merry and without vital problems. The nearest know only, how he, in essence, is sensible and able to be disappointed. Therefore, however much JASMIN tries it to hide, he from birth is a pessimist. That at other is a distrust, for him grows into a reasonableness and results in actions careful and far-sighted. That at other is a suspiciousness, for him - only the deeply hidden reserve. He, as nobody other, advantage understands in diplomacy and ability of organization of harmonious ratioships with other. Unfortunately, these dignities rarer show up in his own house. Here he searches satisfaction of requirement in independence. Does not like to feel CPLD, does not love limitations (duties depress him), in spite of the fact that always submits the debt. Sense of responsibility is not alien him, however much it not always causes the best mood in him. Life in marriage with JASMIN is not easy. Especially as he is quickly disappointed and takes prejudices. Loves children and well feels with them. Not expecting much from life, to the children he binds great expectations. Able to explain most stumpers it is simple clear to them, it does assiduous reasonably. Children bring him in life most gladness and satisfaction. JASMIN is not a materialist, but often earns not bad. It is not afraid of work, his intelligentsia and liveliness of idea is highly valued the authority. Lines born under a sign JASMIN: critical mind, intelligentsia, connected with fantasy, intuition.

   Chestnut:of May, 15 - on Mays, 24; on November, 12 - on November, 21
   A CHESTNUT is very beautiful, even decorative, but does not try to overmaster circumferential the attractiveness. Needs space, full liveliness and force. Possesses innate sense of justice, any violation it will be for him a stimulus to involuntary protest. He is ready to defend the rightness any facilities, without regard to consequences. Hostilely behaves to prudence, to every tactical and diplomatic tricks, than often unintentionally restores against itself people. Absence of flexibility in socializing with other results in that he changes a lot of employments and tests a lot of disappointments which remembers long, because very impressionable and sensible. In spite of persistence and self-control, is not stubborn. Able to be wary and far-sighted, due to what usually does not have financial problems. A large value gives the rules of moral and feel like puritanism, in spite of certain sensuality. Unexpected in him is appetence to the vital comforts. Sometimes makes the impression maladjusted to life, but it only is investigation of hostility and absence of trust to itself et al. A CHESTNUT is too uncooperative, to find the mutual understanding, and often uses glory of man of unconscientious. Possibly, it is related to his predilection to shock other. Requires a lot of love, but can love truly only one time and that is why hardness him to find happiness. Requirement in love and simultaneously dread, that can not come to love him, complicates his ratioships with a partner. His complexes show up in provocative behaviour and often unclear for circumferential. Mental life - living and concrete, based on supervisions. Gifted, rapid and exact, but has a sense to the reverie and philosophical meditations. In his life a great deal depends on surroundings. Complete development of capabilities gets only then, when finds near sympathy and understanding at it. Lines born under a sign CHESTNUT: courage, realism, observation and penetrating, organizational capabilities.

   Ash:of May, 25 - on Junes, 03; on November, 22 - on December, 01
   It is a wonderful powerful tree. Pleasantly looks, has a slender silhouette, elegant and free in motions. It likes itself. However constantly living with him is uneasy. Has living character and very demanding. Aspires to that of him cared, thought and lived how he likes most, to do only that he wants. And as has a gravitation to independent and independent life - not all be well carry it. Laughs at vital difficulties, that gives the impression of irresponsibility and weak will. But it is visibility only. An ASH knows very well, what wants, and yet better - whatever he wants. Proud in everything, in respect of own success and prosperity. In aspiring to own happiness so selfish, that can trample all of interfering with him on a way to to a purpose. Egoist, but not miser. Generous, divided all. This capricious nature in area of love shows completely other lines: it is wary, permanent, far-sighted. Actually, in this area ASH has most successes and able well to choose, weigh everything pro and con. His union of hearts simultaneously is marriage on reason. Rarely wrongs and adds a lot of efforts, to organize domestic life, and it often succeeds him. His mind is based above all things on intuition. Original and full fantasy. The same as and wild ASH, WILLOW and NUT, the unusual gift of penetrating has ASH. Quite often likes to amuse oneself a game in prophet and, when his predictions are carried out, glory is yet more strengthened his mind and penetrating. An ASH always not much plays with a fate. But it a tree is reliable, be not afraid to take shelter in his shade. Lines born under a sign ASH: intelligentsia, aspiring to the synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

   Hornbeam:of Junes, 04 - on June, 13; on Decembers, 02 - on December, 11
   Beautiful tree, but without the special charm. In one's youth often is very beautiful, but in time loses this quality. A HORNBEAM behaves to the outward him things with leniency. It is a type of aesthete. A rather form, than maintenance, comes into his notice. In the personal life he is foremost interested by own superiority. Has an expressed sense to discipline and obedience. Loves differences, dreams about rewards and honours, languishes for admiration from the side of other. Most he likes to submit the set order and displays initiative rarely. Making a decision is accompanied for him fear to make an error. Thus possesses sense of responsibility and justice. Does not love retreats from the generally accepted rules, reluctantly goes down with line, beaten and tested road. And to the new ideas belongs with a carefulness, simultaneously being the opponent of setting: "and, however!". In love differs large decency. Sense examines as business responsible. A nice and pleasant partner turns out from him. But if life will offer to him a choice between love and debt, as a rule, the second chooses. Lines born under a sign HORNBEAM: intellectuality, intuition, fantasy, propensity to artistry.

   Fig (Fig tree):of June, 14 - on Junes, 23; on December, 12 - on December, 20
   It the FIG tree is delicate, with expressive lines. Does not possess beauty, but does not remain unnoticed. A few impressionable and with some complexes, not everywhere feels a fit. Requires vital space and heat. Fades in unfavorable terms. Badly carries difficulties. Becoming impressionable, overcrowded bitter taste, dries. In such terms his guard system weakens, and it is necessary to be very attentive, not to ruin a tree. Possesses the strongly developed domestic senses. Tests the necessity of permanent contact with the near, even if they are unable it to estimate and justify his hopes. It has a requirement in stability, in spite of the fact that self not very much constantly in a great deal. Character is emotional and lenient. Disburses at times for it by the peace of mind and the joys of life, especially as shows resistance temptations. Though inconstant (more frequent in ideas), but tries expressly to execute daily duties. It is possible to rely on him. Works diligently, although at heart lazy. Impulsive and full kind intentions, but life passes in a permanent fight against own weaknesses. A FIG is a realist and always is businesslike and enterprising. This tree is the real treasure for the near. It brings good garden-stuffs. Plant him in the garden and well see to him - not pozhaleesh'. It belongs to the number those with which it is needed to enter into marriage. But not wait wonders from him, he does not belong to the number romantic lovers. Values simple senses higher, than "some fantasies". Any tree without complexes, understanding him, well with him combines. But attention: FIG TREE very touchily! Lines born under a sign FIG: impulsiveness, practical mind, observation, realism, organizational capabilities.

   Oak:of March, 21 is a vernal equinox
   Full life, force and beauty, not having in itself nothing fragile. Motions are majestic and full dignities, wake in people respect the solid kind. Absolutely healthy, that in his case is very important, because does not carry a weakness and illnesses, and the type of blood can bring him over to the fainting fit. Very brave, but his boldness takes a place not so much from his spiritual qualities, how many from excessive pride. Does not want, that he was considered a coward and, warning sharp circumstances, reacts sharper, than required. Self-possessed and volitional, does not have habit to walk away from the before accepted decision and, as a rule, always labours for the put purpose. But his obstinacy has bad sides also: OAK is not able to be flexible and his irreconcilability delivers him troubles. Would obtain a great deal, if able though a bit to be a diplomat. He is more than independent. Carries no limitations and his action often abut upon tyranny. Nevertheless he respects opinion and independence other. Friendly and hospitable, faithful in friendship, but not always is such in love. It is a creature inconstant, victim of next fascinations, sure that "now it already forever". In marriage can in course of time steady down. Firmly being on feet, as growing in in the surroundings continues and develops the folded situations. Does not aspire to the changes and with dissatisfaction accepts changes, caused actions other. He is a conservative. In spite of the fact that time he is capable time on unselfish acts, always remembers about the benefit and all of attention concentrates on the personal problems. Alien life does not interest him. Take in his concrete businesses, thinks clear and to po-delovomu, is the man of action, not deprived intuition. Belongs to the number people which regardless of circumstances always remain at the interests. Usually near he provides life in complete sufficiency. Lines born under a sign OAK: decision, exactness and acts, practical mind, realism, observation, organizational capabilities.

    Birch: of Junes, 24 is summer solstice
    Flexible and aristocratic, easy, nice in joint life. Being a success, never practises upon nobody courtesy, able to be delicate and restrained, does not impose likings and mood, requires nothing and spares nothing. Modest to puritanism, but always elegant, without every moralizovaniya. Full sense of measure and tolerance, does not take away one - to vulgarity. A luxury and any pokazukha is alien it. It is not in it and shade of snobbery. Okhotney than all would live in the country, but can privyknut' to any place, if only to be in a position quietly to work. In spite of elegant exterior, BIRCH grows in labour and likes to work. Its modest and delicate character is determined by its propensity to love with a quiet flow. Sentimental, is not afraid of senses of too passionate. It is loyal and faithful, able to create the atmosphere of comfort and home happiness at home. It happens that in matrimonial connections enters a few hastily, but never spares about the choice. A line is most distinctive for BIRCH is intelligentsia. Forces of its imagination and ingenuity in truth do not have scopes. Always perceives work creatively. Ability creatively to think and change the idea in life, connected with its capacity, opens all of doors before it. In spite of the fact that can be engaged in any type of activity, labours for most successes in area of art. Uncommunicative, and it its unique failing. Society life, contacts with the men of weight do not attract it vnimani BIRCH often is happy. It so few requires from life - sufficiently to it near heart and good library. Lines born under a sign BIRCH: character mildness, synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

   Olive (Olive tree):of Septembers, 23 is an autumn equinox
   Small, sometimes on a border beautiful and ugly, but charms are not deprived. His rheumatism bothers often, therefore very loves a sun and suffers from his absence. It is balanced, quietly, in him there is nothing aggressive and all of it due to an unwillingness to complicate itself life. Able to be tolerant, although has own looks to life. Assumes possibility to have own judgement also et al. Never interferes in stranger businesses. OLIVE on so much delicate, that easily to lay it to indifference, but it is not nearly indifferent. Opposite, in the case of necessity to it any can apply for help. In any situation does not part with a smile. Partly due to self-control, but foremost because considers senseless to disorder the nervous system. Possesses ability to pass the spacehold and serenity circumferential. Although OLIVE of good and cardiac, it possesses the sufficient stake of mind and good sense, not to allow to exploit the kindness. Differs innate sense of justice. All understands, able to enter in stranger position and inherent by it impartiality compels it to forget about itself. It knows about it and beforehand with it bears. Therefore it is loved and value, although it does nothing in an order to make the impression on other. In intercourse of sderzhana. In love OLIVE tries to be not jealous, respects independence of partner, even if to be from it taciturnly to suffer. It happens that goes to the far going concessions, up to renunciation from own love. But it quite not talks about its weakness and obedience. Simply major for OLIVE is rest. Differs large intelligentsia, a lot of time dedicates reflections, likes to read, study and widen an outlook. Though not to aspire to it, always comes into to itself a notice and sometimes becomes famous. Belongs to the number people, bringing circumferential rest and happiness, abandoning after itself. Lines born under a sign OLIVE: loyalty of judgements, analytical mind, capacity for deduction and reflection.

   Beech:of Decembers, 21-22 is winter solstice
   Slender and beautiful. Belongs to to that, who lives so long to extreme old age, saving all of qualities, inherent youth. He succeeds to save a good form, stately silhouette, adroitness and flexibility of motions. Always well-groomed, does not avoid some flirting. If gets in favourable terms, he succeeds to attain success in any area. Shows adroitness and resourcefulness in every situation. Full different plans which able successfully to realize. Does not give to mislead itself. Able not bad to organize the life. The attacks of generosity happen with him, although usually he is prudent and faultlessly organizes the budget. Not very much likes to be divided the propert, expends it economy. A BEECH is a creature decent, possesses many solid qualities, all always weighs pro and con, never depends upon will of case. In love he does not have fantasy. Ideal husband (or wife). Aims to have children, approximately to organize the house, it is good to conduct vacation. In mature age one or two adventures can happen with him, and that anymore from aspiration to prove itself et al, that he remained young, attractive and intellectual, possesses organizational capabilities and sensible reason. Expressed materialist. Foremost wants to be rich, and then, if it is possible, happy. Lines born under a sign BEECH: thoughtfulness, exactness, organizational capabilities, realism.