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Zoological name of year Years of birth of people, year of animal on an east calendar
Rat. Mouse 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 2020 2032
Buffalo. Bull. Cow 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009 2021 2033
Tigr. Ounce (irbis) 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 2022 2034
Cat. Hare. Rabbit 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 2023 2035
Dragon. Crocodile 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 2024 2036
Snake 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013 2025 2037
Horse 1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014 2026 2038
Goat. Sheep. Ram 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015 2027 2039
Monkey 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016 2028 2040
Cock. Hen 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017 2029 2041
Dog. Dog 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018 2030 2042
wild Boar. Pig 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019 2031 2043

   The Chinese (east) lunar horoscope is not only a horoscope in a clean kind but also original chronicle (very beautiful traditional legend) which was created with 2637 B.C. for 61 A.D. Usual cycle of Lunar Calendar on the East - 12 years. Every 12-years-old calendar cycle is made on old, already known many to legend. It is talked in it, that Buddha before the care from Earth drummed up to itself all animals. However came to say goodbye with Buddha only 12 from them. Parting with them, Buddha handed each on one year of rule.

   Years were podarovany exactly in such order, in what animals came running to Buddha: in the beginning to Rat, after to Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Cock, Dog, wild Boar. 12 mythological animals are, in obedience to east mythology, 12 space influences, operating in Year of Birth of man, formings his character and in a great deal determining his further fate. We (especially as on the East in general there are not lines of odnoznachnostey, and there are only hints and ambiguities). Every year celebration of Chinese New Year is upon other date, as it is related to the second new moon of poslezimnego solstice.

   Therefore and there is buddhistic tradition of creation and storage of east amulets of beasts, which acquire and constantly carry or propose in a house during throughout the year, proper a certain beast-promoter. In addition, it is accepted to have the personal protective talisman and amulet, proper Your year of birth. Possibly, do you need porazmyshlyat' above that, not collect complete collection of beasts-talismans?!

   People, borning in the year of Rat, in obedience to the Japanese goroskopicheskomu calendar possess an outstanding exterior. They are purposeful, industrious, a bit pedantic. Rats are thrifty and like to accumulate a money. Quite often set too high the capabilities and agree prikhvastnut'. A rat (Mouse) is full considerable charm and at first blush seems merry and balanced. A mouse does not encumber with other the problems. It possesses ability to lead to to the end endeavoured an in job, honest and ambitious. For it anymore than acquaintances, what the real friends. Likes to spend a money above all things on itself, in anything not refusing itself.

   People, borning in the year of Bull, possess endurance, patience and laconicness, they suggest a trust. However periodically are eccentric, hot-tempered and stubborn. In these cases it is necessary to beware them, in fury they do not know scopes. They possess excellent physical information usually, have reputation for people with easy characters. A bull is patient and not talkative. Possesses ability to cause on frankness and dispose other people to itself. A bull is reserved and stubborn. He quickly makes a decision and does not take away failures. It is better not to interfere with Bull in his activity, it is otherwise possible to knock up large troubles. A bull is a wonderful owner, at home for him it is all right.

   People, borning in the year of Tigra, have an expressive exterior. At a desire they can obtain large lordship over the body, which for them very flexible, strong and obedient. These people in most are sensible, power-loving, suspicious and simultaneously benevolent and affectionate. Tigr differs high emotionality, sensitiveness, capable on deep reflections and strong love. Tigr is brave and persistent, but selfish and stubborn. It is talked that Tigr in a house can deliver from three hoodoos: from thieves, from fires and from wicked perfumes.

   People, borning in the year of Rabbit, differ sympathy and breadth of the soul. They are pedantic, practical, but also capricious. In life, as a rule, succeed, their financial businesses are folded always successfully. They are good merchants. Outwardly modest and meek, they, however, like pozloslovit' about fellow creatures. A rabbit is able well to talk, he is talented and ambitious. A rabbit is modest, restrained, pedantic, quiet, imperturbable and possesses blameless taste. A rabbit likes to declare oneself in society and always makes the good impression. A rabbit is conservative and makes a decision long, neatly weighing everything.

   People, borning in the year of Dragon, possess boldness, courage, wonderful health. They are energetic, easily excitable, sometimes sharp and stubborn, self-willed and vindictive, but as a rule try to be just. It is possible to rely on them, for Dragon tender heart and he quite often allows other to score off above itself. A dragon differs an unusual life-breath, wonderful health and irrepressible energy. But Dragon is very stubborn, easily excitable and often is beside oneself. Dragons are respected, because they usually possess large influence in society, and career to their thicket all successful. But is, that the words of Dragon pass ahead his idea often. A dragon is not nearly diplomatic, he is not apt at hypocrisy. He is sincere in the judgements, and opinion deserves him trust.

   People, borning in the year of Snake, is very original. They from birth are provided with wisdom, very practical and vain, but simultaneously can show unconscientiousness in regard to the nearest and devoted by him people. Their financial businesses go successfully. In swingeing majority Snakes are stingy, sly and shifty, but also sympathy is not alien them other. A serpent will be inverted by the whole world, to attain the set purpose. It is famous for the wisdom, sagacity and hard will. Thus it is very romantic and inconstant. A snake is very lucky, vain, it is always dressed with the refined taste. A snake possesses very strong intuition and not always trusts opinion and judgement of other people. Women-Snakes practically are always beautiful.

   People, borning in the year of Horse, possess good character, are clever, penetrating, perfectly own speech. They are not afraid of fag, execute it conscientiously, with patience and selflessness. They great deal able, always aim to know yet more new, does not decide on attained. However much an east calendar takes them and less complimentary role: men are able without the prick of conscience to trample down all, who got up on their way, women, creating family, consider itself its chapter, often act selfishly. People, born in the year of Horse, are very popular, because always merry, likable, talkative. A mind for Horse is very rapid, it grabs the ideas of people yet till time will be had to say of them. Horse very able applies with a money, and on the whole it is wise and talented. A horse easily is beside oneself, extremely independent and does not listen advices. A horse is patient, workaday businesses uninteresting it, but here it is very legible in regard to manners and clothes.

   People, borning in the year of Sheep, possess simultaneously and by complaisant character, and have a large stake of obstinacy. It is people of art, they are the refined, elevated natures, loving all of wonderful. On the face of it all is folded more successful, than at other for them, but it is arrived at only due to ability to adapt to the circumferential them people and circumstances. A sheep is uneasy, bashful, pessimistic, unusually artistic, has a good taste and possesses capacities for the different types of art. Character is capricious, but for Sheep pleasant manners, it is able to be easily liked and adapt to any way of life. Usually Sheep does not test financial problems, gladly partaken with other, more unhappy, but it is not very independent.

    People, borning in the year of Monkey, is contradictory and inconstant. It is people, possessing a mind, adroitness, originality, ingenuity and resourcefulness. They as easy as anything work out the most tenon piny problems through a cunning, mind and cunning. A monkey is inventive and original, able to work out the most difficult problems with a surprising quickness. People, born in the year of Monkey, it is possible to name disorderly genii. Monkeys are clever, sharp and usually are very well-informed in businesses. A monkey can in everything score a success, if it likes what it is engaged in. Monkeys differ large thirst for knowledges and wonderful memory.

   People, borning in the year of Cock, personalities are gifted. They like to work, devoted the work, always aim to execute the duties successfully, even such, which they are not in strength. They sometimes are eccentric and not immediately find a contact with other people. Main motto of Cock: I am always right! A cock is brave and brave. He is always busy and led away the work. But wants to do more than can. A cock is eccentric and loves, that he was noticed. He thinks that always right, and knows that does. He trusts nobody, but depends only upon the forces. A cock is full impracticable projects and likes to present itself a hero.

   People, borning in the year of Dog, possess the best qualities: by devotion, honesty, selflessness, justice. They dispose to itself the sincerity and decency, able to keep stranger secrets, though differ the sharpness of language. A dog will always get up on a side innocently postradavshego and will contest with an injustice. A dog always was the defender of justice. It is always given up in a fight for right business. It is considered that Dogs are faithful, honest, for them sense is developed long. A dog suggests a trust, and it justified. It is great-hearted and unselfish. Devotion of Dog is great, up to renunciation. A dog is little disturbed by its own riches, but, if it may need a money, it better than other will be able to get them honest enough appearance.

   People, borning in the year of wild Boar, differ some illegibility. They are rectilineal and capable on self-sacrifice. From nature provided with outstanding force. For them there is only one, by them the chosen way, they shut out deviations from him or retreats. A wild boar possesses unusual internal force and firmness and never deviates from select by him direction. A wild boar is intellectual, always aspires to knowledges, but in cognitions he does not arrive at great successes. A wild boar is very restrained, talks rarely, but enough hot-tempered, though and feeds a hatred to the quarrels. He is tied and kind to to that, who loves. A wild boar in any situation will never resort to the extraneous help, he will be to search an output.

Stylesheet ratios and compatibility between the signs of Chinese Zodiac of

   The first type is "triple harmony". Considered most compatible. People, related to this type, in natural way heaves up to each other. Relations on this type are characteristic for signs, located in a diagram under the corner of 120o in relation to each other. Accordingly, people, borning under the signs of Rat, Dragon or Monkey, are consonant with other representatives of these signs. A next compatible group are signs of Bull, Snake and Cock; Tiger, Horse and Dog, go farther; and the group of Rabbit, Sheep and Pig locks the "parade of compatibility".

   The second type is "mutual harmony". Pair, created on this type, also differ compatibility and even temper of ratios, though in less degree, what the first type. Thus Rat appears consonant with Bull, Tigr - with Pig, Dog - with Rabbit, Cock - with Dragon, Monkey - with Snake, and Sheep - with Horse.

   The third type of ratios is the "opened conflict". Characteristic for mutual ratios between straight opposite, that located on a diagram in the distance 180o in relation to each other, by signs. So, conflict between itself: Rat and Horse, Bull and Sheep, Tiger and Monkey et cetera Such type of ratios is most difficult, he provokes natural opposition between partners. It is more frequent than all advised to avoid similar ratios, although, if to give a glance on them from positions of considering of higher order, arising up as a result opposition can serve the excellent instrument of self-knowledge and forming of character.

   A fourth type is the "hidden conflict". Relations are moderato tense; partners have to put quite a bit efforts, to save friendliness. For example, not like Rat Sheep; To the bull difficultly with Horse; Tigru not very like Snakes; To the rabbit unsimply with Dragon, etc.

   A fifth type is "frictions". The ratios of this type can be named, perhaps, a few unfriendly, as partners like from time to time to play each other on nerves. The ratios of this type are peculiar diaereses to the sub-groups of signs: and) A dog does not get along with Bull and Sheep; б) Rat - with Rabbit; in) A dragon, Horse, Cock and Pig, is incompatible between itself.

   A sixth type is "obstacles". At the ratios of such type connection between partners it is impossible to name neither near nor intimate, but flights and falling do not acquire a critical depth and scope. A sixth type arises up at the pair of type Rabbit is Cock, Bull - Dragon and Rabbit is Horse.

   Seventh type - "neutral". Describes ratios, not related to none of the above-stated types. Quite often considered balanced enough and friendly. Pair, whose ratios are folded on this type, not bad get along with with each other, but even insignificant incidents can easily prang fragility of this harmony. However, from point of astrologers, fully acceptable type of ratios.

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