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   On this page there are stone which we selected in the special group of stone and minerals (both natural and synthetic). They either carry the special magic status or identically good absolutely for all symbols of Zodiac (a role plays only individual likings and preferences of man). They do not submit some concrete symbol of Zodiac and does not depend on time of year. you can choose stone, resulted on this page, quite regardless of date of birth and symbol of Zodiac - you must follow exceptionally by the personal preferences and likings !!

   Alexandrite. Synthetic Alexandrite Corundums (dark blue-rose) never before it was harmed nobody. Synthetic Alexandrite Spinel (bluish-grey) more insidious. A natural Alexandrite became such enormous rareness (not only from Urale, but even from Brazil etc.) today, that already self on itself possessing brings them to the proprietor pleasure and pleasure. At such rareness of Alexandrite talking about treachery and danger of stone already is not necessary. His having is happy !!
   Stavrolit of is natural srostki of crystals in form christian or andreevskogo cross, and also in form leaves and star-shaped stavrolity. The powerful guarded: direct cross for christians and stavrolity of any beautiful form for all without limitations. Other name of stavrolita, true, is out-of-date is a stone of happiness. Stavrolity, not extracted from a rock, dark on a svetlo-serom background is most decorative. The correct crosses of canonical christian type (accrete under the corner of 90 degrees crystals of stavrolita, often extracted from a rock) are popular in Russia (orthodox orthodoxy), the classic Andreevskie crosses are more popular in greko-katolicheskikh beliefs (accrete under the corner of 120 degrees crystals of stavrolita are in a maternal rock).
   Eye (sparkling) Quartzs- here belong tiger (goldish-brown), falconry (jet-black), bull (brown) and cat-like glaz (greyish, rather yellow, reddish). All glazkovye Quartzs - very powerful guard, which will never harm the proprietors of any symbol Zodiac. Harm from these stone is not registered. At the choice of stone follow the personal preferences only - that exactly most it likes a man.
   Flint (variety of quartz with possible organikoy). In ancient times due to the properties flint right served our ancestors for making of tips of arrows, instruments and tools, and then was transferable a metal. In stone age flint served as basic material for making of toolpieces and tips of weapon. Today on dark kremene insist water without some side effects. Risunchatye flints with the colour flowings are utillized as a decoration or material for the hand-made articles. Flint gives a strong power signup all without side effects.
   Fluorite is the most multicoloured mineral. Helps to put in an order ideas and obtain heartfelt rest. Increases the analytical capabilities of man. Can give a man possibility to hear "music of celestial spheres". Befits only that, whoever he will leave indifferent, flyuorit is simply unavailing otherwise. Flyuorit will never harm nobody. Buy that indeed pleased you only. If a stone dislikes you - he will simply remain unavailing. It is an enough widespread mineral.
   Corundum (rubies and Sapphires). Hardest mineral after a diamond. Precious noble Corundums to many not on a pocket (transparent rubies and Sapphires of jeweller quality), while can pick up the less dear varieties of corundums on your own practically each (greyish, reddish, violet, opaque and translucent Corundums of the most different flowers with a star and without it). Corundums of unjeweller varieties is deprived halo of danger of jewels and can nobody harm. Synthetic Corundums also it was yet harmed nobody (even ruby and Alexandrite !!).
   Ammonite, fossil mother of pearl of ammolit and other fossil educations. Wonderful collection mineral (large standards) and remarkable decorations (shallow beautiful standards). The shell of ammonite is considered character of domestic happiness and longevity. For many people of the world there are petrifying ammonites, their fragments and wares from them are characters of sufficiency, domestic prosperity, happiness. Original and beautiful amulet and talisman, not having limitations on symbol of Zodiac. The fossil mother of pearl is yet more valuable and rare.
   Mother of pearl and shells of present marine shellfishes. Are the most different forms, flowers and tints. It is not synthetic. Befits all symbol of Zodiac without limitations, because everybody can pick up on your own the mother of pearl and shells of suitable color (that which is liked most). Unlike Pearls, neither shells nor mother of pearl yet never perceptibly harmed a proprietor from point of magic. Shells can be the most different form, both whole and presented the treated fragments with the mother of pearl. Shells can kollekcionirovat'.
   Calcite forms raznobraznye forms: from transparent and translucent crystals to stone roses, natekov and stalactites. Abundantly to wet him water not recommended. Calcite clears round itself space. Calcite is instrumental in meditation. Contemplation of his beautiful natural forms is not tired by an eye and weakens. No limitations on symbol of Zodiac Calcite does not have. Preferences to concrete Zodiacs he does not show also. It one of widespread enough minerals on Earth.
   Morione (black Quartz) - black and darkly-brown practically opaque Quartz (oxide of silicon), examine with x-rays the thin cuts of moriona only. Morione is the acknowledged stone of alchemists. Morione is absolutely unavailing for a mere mortal. But Morione is a talisman of magicians, magicians, prophets, at which sverkhpopulyaren. He enables socializing with forces, which give the proprietor of knowledge about beyond the grave existence of dyings people, far not always pleasant. Utillized before in satanic ceremonies, but today went out from their everyday life and became the stone of noble and honest magicians.
   Smoke quartz (ustar. raukhtopaz, smoke-coloured Quartz) is a variety of crystalline quartz from grey to darkly-grey, honey-brownish and brown (but yet not black), necessarily transparent mineral. Raukhkvarc also is a stone not for all. He enters a man in paradise of fools's and, fixed under a pillow, stimulates prophetic sleeps (which it is possible unright istraktovat'), and also absorbs in itself external negative energy. This mineral disperses negative educations and emotions, works with a subconsciousness. As a talisman raukhkvarc protects from magic. Due to him the higher transovoe state - nirvana, state which yogis and east sages aspire to is arrived at.
   !!!Shungite is a dangerous enough mineral, because at his use for treatment there can be the unbearableness and strong side effects. At the use insisted on shungite waters the proprietor of site had the real disorders of health (strongly swelled gum), passing only after abolition of preparation. At rubbing shungitovoy ointment edemata appeared for acquaintances. Therefore either it is needed in general to give up a reception inward or grindings (advice - limited to the pyramids and balls) or to conduct a test on bearableness of preparations from shungita.

   The scientific articles and materials of scientific author K.305 Yuliya V. Kaphtanova (Kharkov, Ukraine, CIS) can be officially ordered in the Kharkov Universal Scientific Library to address: a Cooperative street, 13, Kharkov, 61003, Ukraine (author's code K.305 2009-2019, Kharkov, Ukraine, CIS, passport of citizen official statement of the Ukraine MM670618, borned on September, 18, 1970 and constantly without break lives in town Kharkov, Ukraine, in 1994 are graduated the University, department of mathematical physics of the applied separation of applied mathematics, mathematical physics faculty from 1987 to 1994, Kharkov, Ukraine, certificate of Р N 586275 about completion of school #9 Kharkov from 1977 to 1987 - to married life Yuliya V. Kanunikova to November, 22, 2000, Dzerzhinskiy region of the Kharkov). I like a classic electric music (photo & read detal).

   In 2009-2019 the followings editions went out for Kharkov Ukrainian scientific author K.305:
   UDC 531.0 LBC 22.311 K.305 the "Special functions of mathematical physics", part #1 "Bessel function and cylindrical functions in elementary description with the programs of calculations", 2009, Kharkov
   UDC 531.0 LBC 22.311 K.305 the "Special functions of mathematical physics", part #3 "Design of anomalous and extraordinary natural and technogenic processes", 2009, Kharkov
   UDC 549:291,33 LBC 86.41:26.31 K.305 "All about stone and minerals. Magic and medical properties of the stone", 2009, Kharkov
   Attachment #1 to UDC 549:291,33 LBC 86.41:26.31 K.305 "Contact and uncontact stone therapy", 2009-2019, Kharkov (with the author video of 2010 for a computer)
   Attachment #2 to UDC 549:291,33 LBC 86.41:26.31 K.305 "Magnetotherapy and treatment magnets", 2009-2019, Kharkov (with the author video of 2010 for a computer)
   ISBN 966-7343-29-5 K.305, 1994-1998, Kharkov. Recovered in 2010 author K.305 edition of author K.305 the "Recurrent ratios for the solutions of differential equations the second order"
   Other scientific and popularization materials of Kharkov scientific author K.305 (Ukraine) for period of 2009-2015 and it is before possible to order in the Kharkov Universal Scientific Library to address: Cooperative street, 13, Kharkov, 61003, Ukraine. An author constantly lives and works in town Kharkov (Ukraine).

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   J.V. Kaphtanova. All about stone and minerals
   Contact and uncontact stone therapy (application)

   Illustrated application to base edition. Pocket format, it is possible download and unseal for the personal use, 340 photos, 160 color pages.
   Described basic types of massager and trainers, technique of massage nephrite massagers, druzes, balls, eggs and crystals, including author. History of the reflexotherapy and contact stone-therapy. Reflexotherapy. Point massage by stone crystals. Massage stone druzes with the effect of Kuznecov's massager. Intimate massage and his features. Treatment water, by magnets, a magnetotherapy is typical errors and blunder errors. Complexes of medical treanings, including for a rehabilitation and prophylaxis. 340 pictures with the charts of work. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS).
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   Coloured photos RGB, free download the books, .pdf 29.8 Mb or archive

   J.V. Kaphtanova. All about stone and minerals
   Magic and medical properties of the stone (base edition)

   In a book, written including on materials of my web site about stone and minerals, historical looks are popularly described to magic properties of more popular 100 stone. Zodiacs. Horoscopes. Briefly about stone therapy. Methods of ennoblement of stone, including dangerous. Comfortable pocket format, 264 b/w pages.
   Tail-piece of account on specialists - mineralogist, geologists, physicists, applied mathematicians. With illustrations described a accessible language modern mathematical model of growth of the stone crystals traditional and cryptocrystalline forms (crystallography), object-lessons over and determinations are brought, modern physics of process is expounded. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS)
   I offer free download the books, pdf, 16.9 Mb or archive

   J.V. Kaphtanova. All about stone and minerals
   Magnetotherapy and treatment magnets (application)

   Illustrated application to base edition. Pocket format, it is possible download and unseal for the personal use, 320 photos, 160 color pages.
   Expounded treanings and recommendation of the stone massage by medical magnets and survey physics of magnetic-field. Told, due to what treat magnets, what extrasensory influences and magnetic field are a to "itself extrasensory individual". Exercise with Balls of Health. Magnetic trainers and massagers. Briefly about the use of magnets in engineering creation, about their counterboring and about patenting. Most typical errors and blunder errors, related to the magnetic field and electromagnetic co-operations, briefly about "magnetic" and other swindlers - today treatment magnets and biofield is scientifically grounded modern physics. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS)
   Coloured photos RGB, free download the books, .pdf 19.2 Mb or archive

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 The catalogue of green stones and minerals


Heliotrope Jasper
Diopside, Chromediopside
Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
Nephritis (jade)


Serpentine (Ophite)
Epidote (Jasper)
Conichalcite (toxin)

The catalogue of the red and dark pink stones

Cinnabar, Vermilion, Spanish Red (toxin)
Arizona ruby, Pyrope (Garnet)
Ruby (Corundum)
Eudialyte (!!)

The catalogue of the blue and dark-blue stones

Howlite, kaulite
Lazurite, Lapis lazuli
Celestine (toxin + radiation)

 The catalogue of the popular stones of group of Quartz

Quartz Rock Crystal
Smoky Quartz

The catalogue of the original stones and minerals

Halite, Mine Rock Salt (toxin !!)
Morione, Black Quartz
Staurolite, Granatite