A horoscope of the stone of Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion) (24.10-22.11) -->rus
Stone which ideal perfect if the Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion) - horoscope and photo of the stone

   Last month of autumn, an end of October-November is time of the Scorpio (Scorpion). Element of water which in this symbol is expressed the least. His owner gloomy Pluto and red Mars. When goddesses Artemida and Laton Scorpio (Scorpion) created, exactly he, becoming constellation, frightened the horse of sun chariot, when they were managed by Phaeton, why that perished. In Scorpio (Scorpion) two extremes, therefore dangerous black, red, dark blue and lilac the saturated color stone the best of all ideal for Scorpio, be combined simultaneously (Scorpion). Scorpio (Scorpion) does not stand tender and light tones, especially yellow and golden-зеленые, because in nature the season of these paints was finished. Scorpio (Scorpion) possesses sufficient own potenciatom for a management the energies, having in an order the dark blue, red and black glimmered stone which will never harm him. But it is needed not to forget about support the element of Water. It is recommended to have Scorpio (Scorpion) no less than 4-6 (better 6-8) different stone, suitable for Scorpio (Scorpion), among them there must be stone of different flowers - at choice.

Hematite    +++
black, steel metallic brilliance


Pearls    +++
black, dark blue-grey, mother of pearl


Quartz-hairstone    +++    inclusion черного турмалина


Coral    +++
red, rose, white


Labrador    +++
dark blue, black Moonstone


Opal    +++
black noble


Ruby    +++
intense-red Corundum (or synthetic materials !!)


Agate    ++
blue, grey, cold


Almandine    ++
violet-red Garnet


Turquoise    ++
blue, green, white


Onyx    ++
black Chalcedony


flame-coloured, Opal


Arizona ruby, Pyrope    ++
blood-red Garnet


Sapphire    ++
dark blue, purple Corundum


Topaz    ++
blue, colourless


Diamond    +
colourless faceted diamond


Amethyst    +
lilac Quartz


Carnelian    +
intense-red, бурый Chalcedony


Lazurite, Lapis lazuli    +
dark blue, blue


Malachite    +
green with figure


Obsidian    +
black, umber, dark brown


Serpentine    +   green Ophite


Rock crystal    +    quartz is crystalline


Epidote    +
dark blue-green, black


Jasper    +
red, brown, black (no yellow !!)


Colour of the Stone Cate-
Autumn Type
Agate blue, grey, cold gems ++ Yin
Agate red, orange, yellow, warm colours gems ~ harm.
Aquamarine blue Beryl jewels ~~ harm.
Diamond colourless Diamond (materialized Light, Fire) jewels + Yahn
Diamond yellow, gold, brown (Sun in symbols of Air) jewels ~~~ harm.
Almandine violet-red Garnet gems ++ harm.
Amazon-stone green Moonstone (Moon) prec. ~ Yin
Amethyst lilac Quartz (Air) jewels + Yin
Beryl inconspicuous-green, white, bottle-green gems ~~ Yin
Turquoise blue, green, white jewels ++ harm.
Heliodor gold yellow Beryl (Sun) jewels ~~ harm.
Hematite black, steel metallic brilliance prec. +++ Yin
Pearls white, yellow, gold jewels ~ Yin
Pearls black, grey, mother of pearl jewels +++ Yin
Emerald intense-green Beryl jewels ~~ Yin
Carnelian intense-red Chalcedony gems + Yahn
Quartz-hairstone inclusion goldish rutile, black tourmalin gems +++ Yahn
Coral red, rose, white jewels +++ Yahn
Labrador dark blue, black Moonstone gems +++ Yin
Lazurite, Lapis lazuli dark blue, blue jewels + harm.
Moon stone milky-white, transparent Moonstone with irisation jewels ~ Yin
Malachite green with figure jewels + harm.

green, pale green, white, blue jewels ~ Yin
Colour of the Stone Cate-
Autumn Type
Obsidian black, umber, dark brown prec. + Yin
Onyx Arabic blackly-white, brown are cream bright streaks prec. ~ Yahn
Onyx black Chalcedony gems ++ Yin
Opal milky-white, White Opal jewels ~~~ Yin
Opal flame-coloured, Opal jewels ++ Yahn
Opal black noble jewels +++ Yahn
Pyrite golden-yellow, gold, flash prec. ~ Yahn
Arizona ruby, Pyrope blood-red Garnet jewels ++ Yahn
Rhodonite rose, black inclusion prec. ~ harm.
Ruby intense-red Corundum jewels +++ Yahn
Sapphire dark blue, purple Corundum jewels ++ Yin
Sapphire yellow, gold, orange, rose, colourless jewels ~ harm.
Cornelian, Sard yellow, gold, orange gems ~~ harm.
Serpentine green Ophite prec. + Yin
Topaz blue, colourless jewels ++ harm.
Topaz yellow, gold, vinous, pink, rose jewels ~~ harm.
Uvarovite flash-green druse jewels ~ Yahn
Chalcedony greyish, rather yellow prec. ~ harm.
Chrysolite goldish-green Garnet jewels ~ harm.
Chrysoprase green Chalcedony jewels ~ Yin
Rock crystal crystal Quartz, colourless, transparent gems + harm.
Citrine yellow, gold, honey yellow Quartz jewels ~~ Yahn
Epidote dark blue-green, black prec. + harm.
Jasper green, Heliotrope (whis red) prec. ~ harm.
Jasper red, yellow, brown prec. + Yahn
Amber yellow, gold, white, broun jewels ~~ Yahn

We will bring used over in tables conditional sign, symbol:

   jewels - jewels color stones;
   gems - gemstones color stones;
   prec. - semi-precious stones;

   +++ - stone very recommend; ++ - stone desired; + - stone positive balanced, harmonious;
   ~~~ - stone can very harm; ~~ - non recommend; ~ - neutral (neither help nor harm);

   harm. - stone it is harmonizing (neutral), does not have the brightly expressed beginning of Yin or Yahn ("golden mean"); maximally deprived side effects;
   Yahn - the active masculine, explosive and creating beginning is expressed; strengthens all of active qualities of proprietor and helps at an active forward movement to the new performing;
   Yin - the womanish and protecting, pacifying and sedative beginning is brightly expressed; stone barriers and protects a proprietor, helps firmly to gain a foothold and confirm on attained.

Character traits, temperament and tendencies of borning for symbol Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion)

   Scorpio (Scorpion) - powerful symbol love and death, strongly influencing on other. Symbol of Water - womanlike, permanent, furious, nightly, taciturn, shifty, fruitful. Device: "Canto of love on the field of battle". Guided Mars, Scorpio (Scorpion) is under influence of Pluto, the farthest from planets. Water of Scorpio (Scorpion) is "stand-up", in opposition water of Pisces (Fish) ("ocean"), Cancer (Crab, Srayfish) ("spring"). Scorpio (Scorpion) has disrepute. Changeable or permanent, Scorpio (Scorpion) possesses enormous soprotivlyaemost'yu and as Phoenix can revive.

   Two qualities of Mars rule above Scorpio (Scorpion): eroticism and aggressiveness. This type lives in complete force with alternation of successes with failures. Scorpio (Scorpion) - it to dual nature love and death, energy, drama, passion, secret, individualism, rebelling. Scorpio (Scorpion) is determined the hidden animal force and asserts itself confidently and implicitly. Scorpio (Scorpion) carries in itself strong passions, doze, but not dyings. This character does not change. Satisfied by itself, without regard to external changes. He knows that wants. Essence of his nature is a decision. Taste to life is tireless. Rebels at any compulsion, rebellious to anarchism, if to him protivorechat. Individualist, despising public opinion and consuetudes. Borned under inharmonious sky. His solutions are irrevocable. Armed for life, able to be on the defensive due to hard will and persistence, but is afraid to attack.

   Scorpio (Scorpion) - nature is perceptible, feel like excesses, including in love. Scorpio (Scorpion) as if created for it. He aspires to it all of the creature. Man-Scorpio (Scorpion) is not inclined to show the senses in public. He is rough in public, inattentive and even cruel, in private he confesses in a veritable relation. He is very suspicious and jealous. Women-Scorpio (Scorpion) partly sorceress. By sixth sense it knows future chosen one at first blush. Nothing will remain him, how to submit its bewitching sorceries. Women-Scorpio (Scorpion) unusually passionate nature. Scorpio (Scorpion) shuts out defeats. Knows a price the charm.

   A health of Scorpio (Scorpion) is wholly in his power. He can both prang itself sorrowful and spiteful thoughts and neglect to the danger and cure, collecting strong will together. The life-breaths of Scorpio (Scorpion), granted him from birth, are enormous. Scorpio (Scorpion) are rarely ill, but if zabolevayut, illness passes in a heavy form. Vital energy of Scorpio (Scorpion) is very great. At Scorpio (Scorpion) reason and emotions is primely balanced.


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   The note. Chinese concepts Yin and Yahn do not divide stones on man's and female. Concept Yin and Yahn expresses character and features of influence of a stone on the person, instead of an accessory to a certain floor more likely. These stones ideal for simultaneously both to men, and women depending on various vital situations.

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