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Man's beads from natural and natural stone, rare, original and valuable
Moslem rosary of tasbih and rare christian rosary -->rus

   Tasbih. Often the hands of moslems are winded around by a magnificent jewelry - beads. But jewelry it? Do you know, their setting is which? A moslem rosary personify by itself the row of beads, knots or grains, beaded on a filament, connecting them together, forming a ring which is divided into three equal links (depending on the amount of marbles). On the ends of filament quite often it is possible to see rod, often are fluffy silky brushes. On a photo Kaftanova yu.V. - master on making is beads from stone and minerals, prepared rosary and under an order.

   Material is partly adopted of the Internet. A classic moslem rosary consist of 99 beads. This number is not taken from emptiness - exactly such is an amount of the names of Allah. More frequent there are wares from 11 and 33 beads (33 beads - including christian rosary), part priveskoy (brush) or original lock - by the marble of greater size with a brush. Such rosary is considered traditional (they call with christianity).

   Interesnym is a fact, that any amount of the beaded beads is divided by a the same number - 11. It contingently that moslem prayer consists of 11 parts: intention, being on feet, requital of praise to Allah, bending down of knees, falling with one's the face touching the ground, words of prayer, repetition of the name of God, assertion, that God is not except for Allah, greeting, reiteration of the names of Allah, reiteration of parts of prayer together with imam.

   By the way, a moslem rosary carry the special name - "tasbih", that means to "repeat", "remember". Quite often they are humorously named a "lash for shaitan Satan devil". On the face of it it can show oneself that these rows of the ideally polished marbles serve as only a jewelry, but it not so.

   History of tasbih (moslem rosary) counts thousands of years. As one of hadis narrates, Prophet of Muhammad saw how a be single woman, sitting on the riverside, used apricot stone at prayer, and, it is now considered that Prophet, approving this employment, let to use a rosary in future. Flowerings gardens of Allah are apricots (popular in moslem countries apricots, kuraga and gardens, are character of abundance, apples are popular in European christianity, tomatoes are popular in Israel). Man's beads permitted of sorting out during the feasance of namaz (prayers) labours of moslem scientists are devoted.

   As possible to guess, basic function tasbih is beads - sacral (religion). Sorted out adroit fingers, they create a certain mood, set the pace prayer, serve for the account of read "dhikr" (Sufi laudations of Allah), instrumental in a spiritual concentration at the feasance of namaz (Muslim prayer). Now beads is inalienable part of believing everybody. But dignities of this of genius invention are not limited to this. As early as antiquity people noticed that sorting out of rosary was instrumental in spiritual pacification, deenergization and concentration of attention, and also stresses, neuroses and insomnia, leave with unbelievable speed. Stone must be non toxic, no poisonous and safe for life and health.

   Also a rosary is used for suppression of sudden bursts of anger, that needs a true believer moslem. Such surprising property fully explainable - on the tags of our fingers there are nervous completions, related to the cerebral centers, and affecting these points positively tells on a psyche, provides a good feel. Surprisingly, but such compact and simple invention is able to have influence on a physical health: it acts part massage for hands. Tasbih is able to recover motoriku of fingers after traumas, to facilitate pains at arthritises (and even quite to pull round), to stabilize a piesis.

   Man's beads (instrument of modern litotherapy) is "treasure" for people, sufferings from the overfalls of weather and magnetic storms, because they develop stability of the circulatory system to these phenomena. An islam, with the inherent him brightness of flowers and splendour of forms, rewards a rosary another function - aesthetic (only in an islam). A man, sorting out tasbih, rivet attention of circumferential, causes interest to the person, as to serious and spiritual personality, and also to the islam directly, in fact beads is an index of religious status. Presently they become the fashionable accessory of believer, master often make a moslem rosary from natural stone and minerals (ready, and it is possible to execute under an order).

   It is needed to remember that interest to the rosary is conditioned and by the variety of materials which they are made from. These can be precious and semiprecious stone, minerals, mountain breeds, tree, derma and even wool (christianity). Undoubtedly, beads, carved from passionate coral, tender turquoise, sun amber or kingly amethyst serve as the index of financial sufficiency of man. The microparticless of material, sometimes gettings on a derma at sorting out of tasbih, are mastered an organism and provide his necessary matters, oligoelementss, essential oils, by minerals by metals. Official litotherapy.

   The benefit of rosary can not be over-estimated, and dignities can not be measured a certain amount. Undoubtedly, tasbih (moslem rosary - the amount of beads is multiple 11) is the spark of faith through time, focus of energy and health on the tags of our fingers. It most popular traditional litotherapy and medicine, developed in moslem countries. Man's beads are wares for man, they must be durable, and it is a very good gift.

   Material of "Tasbih " partly adopted from Islam Today - http://islam-today.ru/


   Muhammad (Mohammed, the Prophet) is a founder of islam religion and first moslem community (taking a place from the tribe of kurayshitov), prophet of Allah and his envoy, which believer the text of Koran was passed with (in 630-632 headed the first in Arabia moslem theocratic state). Muhammad (ok. 570-632) is the Arabic religious preacher and political figure. For moslems considered a prophet.

   There "is not god except for Allah, and Muhammad is a prophet of him" - proclaimed in an islam. According to legend, in 609-610, in one of nights of month Ramadan (Ramazan, Rhamadhan - the ninth month of the Muslim year, symbol to raise up seed) was Muhammad archangel Jebrail and on behalf of Allah laid a duty to reveal to the compatriots of command of Allah on him. Muhammad rejected heathen beliefs and ceremonies, matching against them studies about single god. He named new religion which Muhammad preached an islam. Theocracy is a form of rule, at which a chapter of the state, often monarchist, simultaneously is his religious chapter. State with such form of rule.

   Hadis (Hadithat) is a short story about utterances or acts of prophet of Muhammad, from hadis sunna is made (Hadis, Hadith(a), Hadithat). Hadis are legends about acts and saying of prophet of Muhammad. Sunna ("way", "example") is sacred legend of islam, worded in the recitals (hadis) of acts and saying of prophet of Muhammad (Sunna(h)). A pilgrimage is a trip of religious believers to the "sainted places" (churches), caused a picture that in such places prayer is more effective (pilgrimage).

   "Parting pilgrimage" of Muhammad to Mekka. Mekka is a city in Saudi Arabia, birth-place prophet of Muhammad, place of finding of Kaaby and place of pilgrimage (Mecca, Makka). City, being the religious center of islam. Kaaba (the Kaaba, the Caaba, the Kaabeh) is a temple of islam in Mekka, toward which moslems apply during prayer and to which accomplish pilgrimage (a temple has a form of cube, in the outwall of eastern corner of which there is the article of worship - black stone, falling off sky). It calls with the laws of Ukraine (CIS) are meteorites as stone, falling off sky, are guarded a law and can not serve as the object of uncontrolled trade. Stone, look like a black meteorite from sky, as material for a rosary.

Man's beads traditional rare is tourmaline a schorl is black, 33 beads, length 135 mm
Rare natural jetstone schorl (sherl-dravitovyy row), the diameter of beads of 8 mm
Man's beads traditional quartz-hairstone with tourmaline by a schorl, 33 beads, length 170 mm
Natural colourless milk-white and partly transparent a quartz is a mountain crystal quartz-hairstone "beard of prophet of Mahomet" with a jetstone by the schorl, the diameter of beads 10 mm
Man's beads traditional grey with "eyes" and black onyx, 33 beads, length 170 mm
Grey contrasting onyx "with the eyes" and black onyx - guarded, the diameter 10 mm (middle)
Arabic onyx agate "with eyes", a black onyx is a talisman and character of leaders, powerful guarded
Man's beads traditional lava is bombs black volcanic, 33 beads, length 165 mm
Black porous volcanic bombs, lava stone, lava of volcano, the diameter 10 mm
Porous stone (there is volcanic gas) does not slide in hands is a massage of fingers and hands
Stone as a result of active lava volcanic eruption is included in a fashion in 2017


   By the way, moslems have an electronic rosary. In advertising to these rosary it is usually said so: electronic rosary. An original and modern kind is beads is an electronic meter of prayers (as an electronic clock). There are 2 buttons - additions of prayers and upcast on a meter. There is a little display which the amount of the pronounced prayers is visible on. To in itself does not have the rosary of relation (but it is possible to hang up to the rosary independently).

   A rosary is needed in order that they were carried in hands and sorted out in hands and on a wrist. It is religious attributes. A rosary usually do for man, woman them use extremely rarely, christians a rosary is also used rarely - books, prayer books, horologions, Bibles, are more popular in christianity, reading is basic (library).


   Why is a rosary needed? Man's beads in christianity and in other religions. The Internet is partly adopted from a network, a priest Konstantin Parkhomenko published in his personal bloge. A rosary is practically in all of religious traditions. A rosary help measure the amount of the fixed prayers, and also at incessant prayer to retain attention and not sleep. An orthodox man prays on a rosary, counting off the amount of the read prayers of Jesus (Christianity), and reads religious books (libraries). Character of Russia - appearance of saints, book and library.

   Prayer rosary of buddhists (I am with mantras). the Buddhistic rosary (sansk.: small; Tibet.: prenba) consist of beads of different size, beaded on a cord, ends of which joining in a circle (meet also beads, consisting of strung the special appearance of knots). A cord can be scuttle-butts from three, to five and nine filaments. Filaments can be both one color and 5 flowers (white, dark blue, yellow, red and green). Five flowers of filament are symbolized by five aspects of Brightening (akin to five basic element China, U-sin). A word "small" also means an agricultural instrument for normalized of soil (on the irrigated earths), topically in mountains.

   A traditional buddhistic rosary consist of 108 (sometimes from 54, 36, 27 or 18) beads. An additional large round bead, small bead of cone-shaped or cylindrical form and rod, serve as completion of rosary from filaments (brush). Man's beads with 108 beads sometimes have delimiters-rod after 36th and 72th beads (or different from other 36th and 72th beads).

   108 beads of classic buddhistic rosary are symbolized by 108 births of desires, darkenings the spirit of man (exist also and other decodings of number 108). A large bead in completion of rosary symbolizes Wisdom; a small bead of cone-shaped or cylindrical form is Method, rod from filaments - Practice (there are other interpretations of symbolism of completion beads). A buddhistic rosary can be made from different materials, and beads to have a different form. The choice of material and form of beads depends on aims and directions of religious practice. A rosary serve for the account of mantras, executed rituals and bows.

   Lutheran rosary of "Pearl of life" (I am with the book of expls). "Pearls of life" are made in 1966 the Swedish lutheran bishop by Martin Lennebo. A complete circle is beads, consisting of 18 grains (often polytypic beads of different form and from different materials), symbolizes the vital way of the European man: the goldish bead of rosary (bronze) means the presence of God, oval (colourless) is silence and contemplation, little pearl - rozhdeine man, white large is confession, christening and beginning of new life.

   The bead of sandy color symbolizes the spiritual desert (The Babylonian reign is in Bible), dark blue is meekness and humility, 1th red is character of Divine love, 2th red is character of mercy and brotherly love. Little beads - human secrets and dreamings designate. Black bead - symbolizes death and completion of life, white are gladnesses and victories, and also Resurrection of Christ. Most distribution of "Pearl of life" was got among the lutherans of Sweden and Germany (north of Europe).

   Material is partly adopted from blog "Priest Konstantin Parkhomenko" - http://azbyka.ru/


   Note. Babylon. City which was in Mesopotamia (historical area on territory of South-west Asia, rivers Tigris and Euphrates), where, on an century-old biblical story, people tried to build a tower to skies, but an attempt was not succeeded, because infuriated their impudence Lord mixed up all of languages, and builders left off to understand each other on words (the use of the difficult Ukrainian language, no down-to-earth in building). Used as character of mighty and corrupted ancient city. Most ancient city on the river Evfrat (flows on Turkey, Syria, Iraq, length of the river a 3598 km) which about 2225 B.C. became the capital of empire. In Russian-language Bible is city Babylon, and also city Babel(dom), the Confusion (of tongues) is embarrassment, confusion, confusion, disorder, confusion, mess, shipwreck, destruction (hopes, plans), giving the false impression about not existent patronage and sponsion. Place of expatriation and capture of Jews Hebrew (people of Ancient Israel). Babylon - an ancient city of the hazardous dangerous to health toxic and radioactive uncontrolled stones which are casually coming across in building (cinnabar, uranium and others).

Man's beads traditional the petrified tree (jasper) is rare, 33 beads, length 200 mm
Other name "Sandy jasper", character of Babylonian sands of time, popular material
Picture of natural jasper reminds an invoice the petrified tree, the diameter of beads 12 mm
Man's beads traditional the petrified tree (jasper) is rare, 33 beads, length 175 mm
Other name "Sandy jasper", character of Babylonian sands of time, popular material
Picture of natural jasper reminds an invoice the petrified tree, the diameter of beads 10 mm

   In hebrew legends of Ancient Israel (book Torah) talked about people, comings after the World flood easterly in earth of Sennaar (Mesopotamiya), where agreed to build a city and create a tower (pillar) in high to skies. Infuriated haughtiness of people, God mixed up their languages so, that they left off to understand each other and there was commotion, and God dispersed them by all land. A unfinished city got the name Babylon, which in Bible is interpreted as a play on the words of "Bab El" ("Gates of god") and balal ("to mix up").

   In a myth about Ancient Babylonian crowd of people building found a reflection in Ancient Babylonia ziggurat (zikkurat, zikkurut, stepped pyramid is temple) - giant buildings of pyramidal form of the sacral-temple setting (prolate upwards pyramids and sky-scrapers, by a build construct apex upwards, narrow up). Towers remind Ancient Egyptian and other pyramids, in building of which both Israel and deserts participated at Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel, on which the prophet of Ancient Israel led people Moses. Moses searched for water in desert of Judea. On history of Ancient Israel study in the special schools - yeshiva (religion school of modern Israel), where use the retinues of the century-old Jewish limning is Torah. For sealing up Ancient Torahs are applied by sealing wax seals which can be rodmi for a rosary (similar seals were actively used on mail at the dispatch of postal mails are books). From tradition of the Jewish scrolls and limning in retinues happened including libraries of Russia (christianity).

   Ziggurat. A step cult temple tower is in a build architecture of Ancient Mesopotamia. Rectangular step temple, ziggurat was built by shumerami, and also their descendants in honour gods. Known from temple ziggurat is a seven-layer temple of god Marduka, 3th thousands BC, in Ancient Babylon, had it is Considered in a height about 90 m, that it and there is the Ancient Babylonian tower, mentioned in Bible. Shumery is ancient people, inhabiting Sonth Mesopotamiya and creating the most ancient written language - cuneiform. Therefore a rosary usually use at reading of texts by heart and at learning by heart of texts on memory (reiteration the same oftentimes). Ancient city Babylon is glorified V. Kipelov in a modern of the samename song (psalm), on video temples are reconstructed.


   Tibet rosary. Sometimes to the Tibet rosary attach two tails - meter, which flat beads, allowing to count off ten and hundreds of circles of reading of mantras, are beaded on. The most wide choice of materials for a rosary was thought of by Tibet. Materials from which the buddhistic is made small extend in a range from the seed of rudraksha and lototsa and beads from a tree to the semiprecious stone and bone (bone a human people, useing is forbidden). It is Tibet official medicine and its element.

   Exists thousand, instructions and edifications in which specified advices, what rosary must use in one or another rituals. Sometimes the Tibet rosary decorate "big-eyed" beads - dzi (special agate, very rare rosary). A crystal rosary (colourless mountain crystal) is popular - they are used in practices of clearing, and bone (bone of animal cow, bull and yak) and beads which are sometimes executed as skulls (stylized design and designer devices) - in tantric rituals (including frightenings and suppressions). Tantra is studies about transformation of sexual energy in space by the proper technique, meditation and special rituals (popularly in a buddhism and hinduism).

Man's beads buddhistic is a light contrasting onyx "with eyes", 27 beads, length 190 mm
Contrasting light onyx "with eyes" - the rare guarded, the diameter of beads 14 mm (large)
Man's beads traditional an onyx is grey and black contrasting, 33 beads, length 165 mm
Grey and black contrasting onyx "with eyes" - guarded, the diameter of beads 10 mm (middle)
Arabic onyx (agate) "with eyes", rare, is a talisman and character of leaders, powerful guarded
Man's beads rosary Shamabala an onyx is light - "North of Tibet", 33+2 beads, lina 280 mm
Man's beads - a light contrasting onyx is the Arabic onyx "with eyes". The diameter of beads 10 mm
Arabic onyx (agate) "with eyes", rare, is a talisman and character of leaders (mahatmas), guarded
From 2017 there are a lama "big-eyed" rosary of Shambala - master Julia Kaphtanova

   In addition, hearings the confession the different lines of Vajrayana - the Tibet buddhism (variety of buddhism in mountains Himalayas) - attach the attributes of the studies to the rosary: at practicing Dzogchen is a metallic mirror, for the practical workers of Vajrayana - kinzhal-purba, for the practical workers of Chod - serp-digug. It is needed to remember that the Tibet and lama rosary is character of hope and revival.

   Chinese rosary. From Tibet differ material - often use a nephrite and other popular in China stone. It is especially needed to mark a giant rosary (Monastery of Shaolin), beads of large and large diameter. The size of beads is conditioned the pragmatic considering: large beads not only more comfortable to sort out in hands (especially if for man large hand), but it is possible to teach a good lesson by them a potential offender or sluggish poslushnika. Martial arts of u-shu, kung-fu, Shaolin. A rosary usually does not do for women, they do not use them. The Chinese rosary is character of revival and large changes.


   Swedish rosary of "Pearl of life". Look as work and propert of children of junior century about 6 years (North of Europe) or small box with tailings of beads: on a thread the beads of different size, form and color are beaded. Nevertheless, each of these variegated beads has the name and symbolic value: God, quiet, night, life, love et cetera. "Pearls of life" - probably, one of young varieties beads on a planet, they were thought of by the European lutheran priest Martin Lennebo in 1996 Remind bangles on child's hand, where inexpensive matrialy is popular, plastic, glass bead, bead of wrong cube and other form. Roses are popular. Such rosary is perceived sometimes as symbolism of cemetery and visit of graves. There must not be elements of human and other body in a rosary (type of earthly remains and other parts of body).

   Rosarium. Remind a necklace on chainlets. Single beads, clamped one or a few links of chain, and sometimes stand a catholic cross is a medieval minimalism, surviving verification ages. Cross - it is possible to sale separately and to hang up (jeweller good in form pendant). Popularized European goths in 1980th ХХ ages are an attribute as jewelry, which until now appear sometimes. Taking into account the rising wave of gothic architecture, soon will appear again. The color of material is important is a black agate as character of death, rose coral and cornelian, is passions, white is a chastity and clamping beads chain (character of life). Actually, practically all of the European rosary of any rumour and religious direction carry a few mourning and religious character - in style of G.Kh. Anderson of "Fairy-tale and history" (religious tint). Meditation.

   Irish rosarium. Thumbs-under filament or chain, from one side contains a ring and iconography image (look like the Russian icons, character of Mother of God Virgin Mary or saints), from other is a catholic cross (often jeweller pendant). Appeared in XVI century on the islands of North Europe in the days of prohibition on a catholicism on the whole and catholic attribute in particular (christianity). When for carrying of rosarium it is possible it was to be deprived heads, irish catholics-christians thought of the rosary of the hidden carrying, which can it was be hidden in a sleeve. The today inexperienced take irish rosarium for a trinket, very look like usual beads (beads of the traditional rounded flat and oval form, chains connected by links). European rosary.

   Komboloi. Greek European rosary, popular among "mangas" ("steep", "beads boys" are "ringleader" anything, leaders in a certain sphere). Distinguishing feature of komboloi and similar rosary, formed in Greece and in the greek world - beads occupy all of not space of filament, but only part of filament, why the impression of the uncompleted rosary is. Exist and thumbs-under (two brushes, two tails), and flat flip variants, looking as gusenica from beads or as a thread on which it is beaded only four-eight and more than grains. As well as flat rosary ("boltuha" - rus.), komboloi turn in hands in number of different ways, trying to surprise public. Fun is so popular in Greece (southeast of Europe and island, marine border with Asia and CIS), that a museum was opened in town Nafplion, devoted rosary-komboloi. A clicking rosary is character of popularity. Recommend "ringleader, live wire", to popular in the environment to the teenagers and active adults of "mangas".

   Material is partly adopted from a site - http://www.furfur.me/



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