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Bianstone is a massage and litotherapy. Needle-shaped stone, stone of health,
petuntse, true and fiction about the fashionable stone of XXI century -->rus

   Material is partly adopted from the Internet, information practically is not present. A stone is sometimes named a black nephrite, information about his chemical sostaave it is not practically. Greyish-black stone, enough soft (to the jewels does not behave) - scratches a metal (pliers), from data of websites, has an invisible needle-shaped structure. For the proprietor of site such mat blackly-grey bead appeared in 2009 - under the guise of counterfeit Karelia schungite (rare coal and carbon with microelements) and long time on a desk (at price minerals are in one category and comparable). It was beginning of a world "stone" bianstone-sensation of XXI century.

   Attention!! Bianstone sibine is perceived as a panacea of XXI century from all of illnesses with anomalous wonder-working properties, which unexpectedly started on the world in 2009, thus the medical effect described in a number of cases was not in the volumes eulogized beyond measure. A stone is rare, look like an imitation, information on him practically is not present (rare chemical analysis).

   Bianstone extraordinarily stone like coal and Karelia schungite of Russia (CIS) by appearance, but unlike Karelia schungite an electric current does not conduct (in 2010 at me experiments put on schungite - schungite has weak conductivity of electric current, schungite can use for procedures of electrophoresis). Bianstone in visible limits an electric current practically does not conduct is a possible insulator. Impress on the impression of carbonization stone. Bianstone can add as a black and darkly-grey toner in a plastic for the increase of its level of resistance an electric current and decline of combustibility of plastic (not flare up of plastic under act of electric current). Bianstone therefore has similar lines with a nephrite - not flare up under act of electric current and can be used, for example, at procedure of d'arsonvalization (influence electric a current and sparks on the derma of head and hair follicles). Massager is good is material for litotherapy (massage, electromassage).

Massazhery from the black petuntse of Bianstone - popular of 2009
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   From data of the Chinese geologists of Lew Khuaina and professor Dzhenga, in soil of deposit of bianstone (China), the geological stratum of which ascends to the chalky period (65 million years) considerable maintenance of iridium is found (rare metal). Researches on iridium in Russia (CIS) are vastly conducted conducted learned Shilo - the mineral deposits of demantoide and iridium are studied, book including on iridium published in 1980 years in Russia (CIS).

   Chemical element Iridium interesting that on sew on to the planet Earth of him insignificantly little, and he is sometimes attributed to the matter of space origin. In an order to confirm the space origin of object, it is needed to expose the least signs of iridium in his body. Iridium is a rare-earth metal, to find him more difficult, than gold or platinum. In meteorites Iridium meets often. In breeds, circumferential the deposit of Bianstone, high maintenance of Iridium is revealed, that talks about that, process of formation of it miracle of stone did not do without participation of space wanderers - meteorites (forming of kimberlite tubes).

   Despite in the everyday use opinion, a stone does not behave to the group of nephrites. The chemical analysis of bianstone shows that stone on 93-94 % consists of limestone (calcite). Therefore Bianstone soft enough stone, split can in parts (he can not be dropped), it is impossible to scratch sharp objects simply so. Other part is more than 30 microelements, such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K, and Na. Bianstone produces negative ions, which are saturate healthful forest air, and which so are not enough in our stuffy apartments, overcrowded positive ions from a radio equipment and appliances. His feature consists in ability to make at a friction at a derma an extraordinarily weak infrared and ultrasonic vibrations (they are heard by some animals - for example, dogs, in common parlance it is a "doggy stone").

   63 million years back a meteorite fallen down on Tibet (Asia). Enormous pressure and very high temperature of powerful explosion from the collision of meteorite with an earthly surface was instrumental in confluence of interstellar matter and mountain breeds. Mountain breeds, due to an iron-fall, were melted and purchased new properties – so the wonder-working stone of Bianstone borned (sibine). In the monastery of Shaolin, founded in 495, where martial arts and medicine, treatment and massage of guasha herbares, developed was especially effective for diminishing and removal of pain and edemata (sporting trauma). Monks laid on bandages with warmed-up black stone, placed inwardly, preliminary promassazhirovav injuries by stone. Less, than pain calmed down in a half hour. Shaolin monks during ages used the stone of Bianstone for the leadthrough of acupuncture massage, improvements of feel and health, took off nervous tension, and in concert could by them and to strike an enemy.

   Could not set the exact place of iron-fall Bianstone very long, because tailings of meteorite were found in different parts of China. Found out the place of iron-fall by chance. By the spring of 2009 in the Chinese province Shandun, during oil reconnaissance works of marine shelf in Bokhayskiy bay of China was found out tailings of enormous black celestial new-comer. The production of wares began the summer of 2009 from the stone of Bianstone (on templates including wares from a nephrite and cornelian, they are very alike in a due form). On Bianstone (black sibine) practically does not meditate and he is not used non-contact. Instrument for modern medical litotherapy. Material is partly used a website https://www.livemaster.ru/, http://vsemproblemam.net/

   Bianstone has in the composition an enormous amount of minerals and microelements as impurity: strontium, titan, chrome, manganese, zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and other Dangerous is surplus of strontium is poison and radiation simultaneously, usually easily water-soluble (in salts strontium is a blue sky mineral celestin). In addition, considered, because a stone is a particle of space meteorite, in his composition there are extraterrestrial chemical elements which are not studied scientific. On a photo is a kimberlite tube.

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   Bianstone can render some restorative and partly health promotion program an action, true in case that as massazher is used the special stone - sibine. The salespeople of wares from a petuntse substituted an unknown word "sibine" by enigmatic and more valuable for an ear "Bianstone". And sibine is an indeed rare stone, and by virtue of the rareness and remarkable properties, he is rare enough and counterfeited sometimes. In ancient times in China one as one of methods of medical treatment the special therapy was used with the use of stone instruments (massage). Both a stone and instruments got the name of bianstone. By scrapers, made from the stone of bianstone, illness was "scraped" from an organism in by the use of the special technique of massage, urgent guasha. Any stone, in-use at the massage of guasha, can take shelter under the name "bianstone".

   In 1980th in the difficult of access area of China (in the Chinese province of Shandun) it was found out the deposit of stone, adopted "sibine" (sibine). Complete name - Sibine pumice rock (pumiceous stone of sibine). The stone of sibine does not relate to the nephrite, rather, he belongs to pemzam (look like a lava stone and volcanic bombs). Real sibine it is possible to scratch slightly a hard object, a nephrite is more designated). Sibine bianstone has a needle-shaped structure, exactly it did his popular instrument for a massage. Even to the touch, being tomentous in hot water on the pair-three of minutes, he becomes rough. A stone extraordinarily heat, only holding for some the time him some time in a hand, it is possible to feel, as he is heated, here he is a characteristic long to retain warmly.

   The color of sibinea can be varied depending on chemical composition, he can be and red and green, but often there is exactly a black variant.At the study of properties of sibinea appeared, that a stone is ideal for guasha as material for the instruments of bianstone and on properties coincides with a stone from legends. It turned out later, that sibine had a meteoritic origin, radiates the infrared of wave length 16. Infra-red recovery is most actively taken in a heat liquid in an organism (water), solubility of salts is improved - there is warming up. Work of the digestive and respiratory systems is improved - a massage is conducted along the meridians of body.

   The touches of sibinea to the derma are usually pleasant, and the medical effect of stone is based mainly on the massage of areas of body of man. Only attaching a warmed-up stone to the sick area of body, can feel, as blood hurries quick and more even, than to that. At motion of stone along a derma he emits weak ultrasonic waves frequency from 20 000 to 2 million Hz (on assertions of researchers) - a medical ultrasound reminds. In addition, they are able to cure pain, for example, pain in the underbody of the back (SPA-effect, thermal SPA-treatment).

   The stone of sibine bianstone in China is considered an effective mean at treatment of chronic diseases and different traumas, used in complex therapy of difficult diseases and as a mean of increase of immunity. It is necessary to notice that all of useful properties of stone open up exactly during the massage of guasha, during which a masseur actively works as a stone as massazherom. Attention!! it is forbidden to moisten Him oils (by ether including), bischofite, aggressive solutions and liquids is rare massazher and instrument of litotherapy, he is heated short time in warm water or at the source of insignificant heat of temperature of body (use is forbidden in a bath-house and steam room), in water and on a heat any massage stone protractedly is not held. The stone of sibine bianstone is not laid in water and nothing on him insist - Karelia schungite and undecorative varieties of flint use for draw water (including black, alike on sibine).

   Material is partly used a website http://www.bolshoyvopros.ru/profile262400/, http://bjanshi-braslets.ru/

   The art of medical treatment with the use of acupuncture (acupressure) stone is named acupuncture. It is included in the number of six most known methods of Chinese medicine: acupuncture, acupunture, cauterization, medicinal therapy, massage, gymnastics of "daoin". In 90th of XX century and 2009 to the year was again found out a sybine acupuncture stone (sybine, also sibine is a place-name). The results of researches of research institute of geology of the Chinese academy of sciences rotined that in composition sybine acupuncture of stone there are more than 50 rare-earth elements and microelements: strontium, titan, chrome, manganese, zinc and other. At a contact with the body of man can cause the acceleration of circulation of blood and improve the feed of biological tissues.

   Speaking an accessible language, an acupuncture (acupressure is a massage) stone is a stone, possessing medical properties. First mentioned in "Khuandi neyczin" ("Treatise of the Yellow emperor of China about internal"). From all of akupunkturnykh stone the best medical properties are possessed by a sybinskiy acupuncture (acupressure is a massage) stone (expl: sybine is the geographical name). Sybine an acupuncture stone is widespread near-by ripas Sykhe of province Shandun, from here and the name sybine acupuncture stone. The doctors of Chinese medicine suppose that an acupuncture stone possesses a calming action super, regulates and restores the life-breaths of organism, beads ductings and collateral vessels. Such stone is raw material for treatment with the purpose of production of massage medical instruments. The medical and health effect of stone is arrived at due to a microcrystalline structure, infrared and wave-range of impulses. Impulses grow into waves and find a form under the action of induction from force of friction. Can detect derma, vessels and nerves are a side effect.

   Formed about 550 million years back from Cambrian for the ordovikskiy period of paleozoic era limestone deep-water marine deposits, after an orogeny rose above a surface exterminating and formed high mountains. At the end of chalky period more 65mln. years back a meteorite (kimberlite superficial tube) the diameter of which made an about 10 km fallen down in area of East China The explosion of meteorite resulted in that limestones at a surface scaled and got in air. Under the action of the high temperatures and pressure caused an explosion an interpenetration and confluence of limestones and interstellar environment happened in a plasma environment. From the matter disappointed on earth a pumice was formed - look like a lava stone. Apparently, sybine acupuncture (acupressure) stone, possessing unique properties (microcrystalline metamorficheskiy limestone) - in truth creation of Nature! The basic component of sybine acupuncture stone is a microcrystalline limestone, also in him there are strontium, titan, chrome, manganese, zinc and more than 50 other rare-earth elements and microelements. Appeal - careful. The place of booty of sybineskoy pumice from antiquity takes beginning in a river of Sykhe, located in central and Sonth parts of province Shandun in the foot-hill of Ishan on a north breadth 35°28'-35°48' and between a 117°5'-117°35' east longitude basin.

   Material is partly used a website http://www.se-ru.com/html/Knowledge/7.Html


Pot from black sibinea Bianstone is China, anymore medicinal and decorative

   Chinese used sibine bianstone a few thousand years. They knew little that about properties of Bianstone and made tableware and other home utensil out of him. He is beautiful, durable enough, added treatment and he was much enough in a gob, appearing at mining and iron. Sibine can throw in a fire and fry eggs on him. It is satisfied imprudently - in a stone there is a water-soluble admixture, and he extraordinarily looks this like Russian Karelia schungite and black flint (there are soluble trace-elements), which use waters for insisting. Sibine does not eat. Requires an enhanceable carefulness. Two deposits are actively opened. One - in China and one - in Russia (east Sayan, where iridium mineral deposits and mineral deposits of demantoida are). In Russia development was begun since it was widely known about properties of Bianstone. Deposits are youths, processes yet not tuned, treatment in Russia is not done - sell on the Chinese factories as raw material. Material is partly used a website http://braslet-nefrit-bianstone.rf/


   Guasha behaves to most ancient east massage Chinese techniques. The first mentions about him meet in the comment of Gunyan to the canonical chronicle of "Spring and autumn", dated approximately 550 by a year to sew on eras. During excavations were found out different stone and treated the special appearance scraper (doctor blade) which was probably used for the leadthrough of massage of Guasha. If to make an effort present essence of scraper massage of Guasha an usual for Europeans form, it is a method of removal of hearths of stagnation in biological tissues, appearing in an organism as a result of violations.

   Traditionally for the massage of Guasha use massazher scraper, made from the horn of black Buffalo or cow (a sacred animal is in India), boiled down in 18 Chinese medical herbs (medicinal herbares). It is considered that after similar treatment an object is provided with property to restore power streams in meridians and render sedative influence on an organism. The periodic use of scraper from such material rejuvenates an organism. Skrebki make also out of nephrite and cornelian. However, today master Guasha is used for a massage also by copper chinks, porcelain spoons for soup of miso, silver combs et al. After an active massage on a body there are tracks are haematomas, as after the traditional European massage by vacuum jars (for preservation of food stuffs).

   Side by-effects - after the massage of Guasha intensifying of chronic disease happened at the row of patients. It fully normal temporal the phenomena, and being sensitive of him is not needed. Other reaction is possible also: during a few first days after a session a feel is improved, the decline of forces comes after. An unpleasant smell can appear from a body. It is a result of activation of exchange processes and intensive selection of toxins. After a couple of days, when an organism beads up, it passes usually. Testimonies and contra-indications are usual as for any massage. Material is partly used a website http://rusmeds.com/massazh/guasha/



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