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Cherry Quartz, Fiery Quartz, Strawberry quartz and quartz with including
difficult for diagnostics quartz material -->rus

   Material is partly adopted of the Internet and presents considerable complication for perception. A quartz is a silex, composition - SiO2 (oxygen and silicium, oxide). Hardness of quartz 7 on the scale of Mohs, closeness - 2, 65 g/sm3. Meets in the most different variants - crystalline, cryptocrystalline (chalcedony and opals) and amorphous form (obsidian, volcanic glass). Extraordinarily widely used in the different spheres of industry and production (both natural and chemically painted and admixture). Chemically proof enough, durable enough, relative ogneupor.

   It is the most widespread mineral, present practically in all of breeds. Quartz from the jeweller point of view practically does not mount in gold and extraordinarily rarely - in silver (mainly, folk masters). From a quartz and his colourless variety - mountain crystal do popular balls and lenses, from the naturally painted quartz are filters (morion, smoky quartz, amethyst and citrine). A blue quartz is dangerous - usually he is radiation-exposed both in environmental and in laboratory conditions. A colourless quartz is safe practically in any form. A lot of synthetic quartz - under aventurine (contains bright spangles), under a moonstone and opal (has a beautiful suckling tint) and under eye-stone quartzs and chrysoberyl (optical fiber and processor technologies, look like an ulexite).

   A red quartz is a rare red or brown variety of quartz. Colouring is conditioned including of anhydroferrite (oxide of iron of type anhydroferrite "red head"). Semilucent or opaque. Minerologi name him yet sometimes hematite quartz or strawberry, strawberry - safe, carry at anaemia and zhelezodefecitnoy anaemia. Found in Russia (Dalnegorsk), Russia and in Namibia - beautiful, crystals use as are in nature and does not process practically. In industrial scales obtained nowhere. On the row of deposits a quartz is covered from above the coat of swamp ore (brownish) or anhydroferrite. There is a near in color variety of red quartz, beautiful and extraordinarily rare, look like a ruby - rubas, which is opaque and suitable for jeweller insertions (give out for tourmaline). There is a green quartz (not dangerous). A quartz is natural and the quartz of synthetic is alike at a price. A quartz contains cracks, veils, turbidity often, there is milk and opaque. Cracks can be iridescent.

Beautiful natural quartz with an anhydroferrite, photo from Russia (a photo is the Internet)
crystals of red quartz Cleared from a breed in the natural state

Quartz. Druza of crystals, painted a goethite. Wolf-island, Onezhskoe lake, Karelia, Russia, CIS
Very beautiful. An authoritative source of the Internet is a photo: © A.A. Evseev (Russia)

Mountain Crystal of Sonth Yakutia - on a mountain Kind and Crack (Russia), Author of photo

Iron cover "Japanese" twin of quartz. Azerbaijan (Transcaucasia, CIS) is iron-ore


   People a long ago knew about magic properties of quartz are shamans and leaders of tribes. It was considered also, that a quartz is an astral derma of planet, keeping the signals of Universe in memory (elements of kimberlite tubes and tracks of shots of meteorites and bolides at earth). Priests before made from a mineral lenses and balls through which lighted the fire. Made out of quartz and skull (plaster casts). Wares from the coloured quartz will help to fix a man memory, to develop imagination, speech, activate mental processes - contemplation of the coloured quartz. As a quartz will bring over a talisman to the proprietor success, success, financial welfare, sex is a red hematite quartz.


Red quartz - in appearance very look like a ruby, rare and popular stone
From a red quartz the greek rosary of komboloi is executed, a rod is a cornelian


Rose quartz - painted natural connections of manganese


Cherri quartz - add an artificial origin (China)

   Cherry quartz, Fiery Quartz, Strawberry Quartz,"volcanic quartz" one of successful imitations of quartz (in opinion of authors of row of websites). It is Chinese development (supposedly). Get him from a molten in a stove quartz or glasses which dyes are added to are a copper and even plastic, with subsequent crystallization of quartz as such. Even on description, it a very dear process is artificial crystals. Then frappe crystalline material is cut out and polish - in him there are broad patterns of color, bubbles and veils. As a result the red quartz of the rose colouring turns out with broad patterns and linear including of reddish and brownish color. Tints from light-oranre to cherry. A feature of this artificial miracle is in that at cherri select three basic areas transparent, rose and brownish. It is not found in the internet of video and chart of enigmatic production of Cherry quartz.

   To do a Cherry quartz, you take sand of quartz (crystals), melt it in a stove and add other minerals, for example, copper, to paint it. Cooling is executed on the type of crystallization of mineral is a very labour intensive and expensive process, will confront a quartz at price with natural and can be even dearer than him. Very remotely reminds obsidian - volcanic glass. More durable than obsidian, on a fracture look like a quartz, more durable than smoke-coloured quartz. Material does not carry the signs of glass as such (flowed is amorphous material, flows) and is not the result of glass-making. Rear artificial crystals, including quartz, from the end of XIX century, bloom of this production - XX-XXI of eyelids. A crystalline quartz is not amorphous glass (a chemical formula is identical, but a quartz contains a well-organized crystalline grate). Crystallization of quartz is executed in a thermostat long time, sufficient for forming of crystalline grate.

   Information on a cherri quartz in the Internet practically is not present. At usual illumination a Cherry quartz seems colourless, raspberry-red, red or contains goldish-brown overflowing bars. Under daylight-lamps can show oneself navy blue (a photo requires cvetokorrekcii sometimes, the red and raspberry including change a color in a stone, there is an alexandrite effect of chameleon). Under ultraviolet a cherri quartz fully grows into yellow and orange - colourless in appearance stone luminesce even. A stone grows into a shining goldish-brown and goldish-orange stone (color of swamp ore). You will surprise the friends on disco and in the night-club of cherri-quartz - he fatally will change the color at practically invisible ultraviolet and will return itself a primary cherry blossom or will remain colourless at normal illumination. A stone of sensation is in the USA - in night-clubs. A Cherry quartz is an unique detector ultraviolet radiation and other radiation from beneath (to on extremely to the measure of bead from collection of proprietor of site). Look like polychromatic tourmaline of elbaite.

   Sites (disjointed information) http://nimleo.livejournal.com/, https://www.charm-beads.ru ....


Cherri a quartz is the possible intermediate stage of volcanic eruption

Cherri quartz - monolithic and look like volcanic glass

Goldish citrine is a rather yellow monolithic temperature quartz

Ordinary tendon quartz, formed at the cooling-down of volcano


Chart of outpouring of lava effusive breeds from the crater of volcano

   On general vizual'nymy descriptions of cherri quartz of the indicated type, in principle in theory he can be formed in the massive underground cracks of the earth's crust at the lateral craters of volcano and to be naturally painted impurity. A quartz in theory can be poured out from the lateral branch of crater of volcano aside, the stream of matter can penetrate on underground cracks and slower to crystallize in a natural thermostat, what poured out on a terrene from the main crater of volcano amorphous volcanic glass is obsidian.

   A quartz can take passing breeds, preliminary fully or partly molten in fiery lava, crater of volcano and near him, painted by them in different colors and to form both a fluid red and goldish picture and bazal'topodobnye bubbles into a mineral. It nothing middle between monolithic obsidian (instantly cooling off amorphous proverkhnostnoe volcanic glass) and low temperature hydrothermal quartz in basaltic geode (crystals which are slowly formed in geode on the late stages of vulkanizma). Both variants in nature are quite possible - sometimes there is a lateral crater of volcano and volcanic eruption through caldera.

   On likeness a cherri quartz is periodically given out for a natural rose quartz, painted connections of manganese and partly titan. Colouring of rose quartz is more light, has a tendency to fade in the sunshine - a rose quartz ryzheet (as permaganat potassium). On the colour affecting man quartzs differ. A stone which on diagnostics of affecting man presents considerable difficulties for magicians and astrologers. Romantic rose quartz and completely another, bright contrasting cherry-raspberry and red cherri quartz - sexual, as well as any red quartz and intensively painted red mineral (color of blood).


In appearance innocent crystal of quartz and with a red cinnabar are the "Draconian tears" of
ochen' poisonous (dangerous for a brain) red including of cinnabar

Red miracle-cinnabar of pos. New, galleries of Kuban and Adygeya, Russia (CIS)

Cinnabar is in a marble. Horn. Altai, Russia, CIS. Photo: © A.A. Evseev.

Cinnabar. Khaydarkan, Kirghizia (Middle Asia), CIS. Photo: © A.A. Evseev.
Famous red cinnabar by crystals in a breed is a sulfide of mercury of HGS

Getchellit. Kara-archa, Khaydarkan, Kirghizia, CIS. Photo: © A.A. Evseev.
Sulfide and arsenide of antimony, arsenic - kindred antimonite (sulfide of antimony)

   A quartz also can contain taken in and growings over crystals, including de bene esse dangerous and poisonous including, for example, of red cinnabar is famous and glorified from ancient times sulfide poisonous salt and ore of mercury of HGS (beautiful, but very poisonous - causes amnesia and loss of memory) and any other dangerous stone and minerals.

   On a photo is druza of red cinnabar (Spanish red), meeting in the different places of earth (bright red sulfide of mercury). It is actual dangerously and it is impossible to keep at home and in private collections (poisonous production ore material). Cinnabar often vstrechatesya in nature near volcanos and in mountain districts, on the type of deposits reminds lazurit. Ideally-red in any shape or form at daily and sun illumination and fades under modern ultraviolet - the slightly yellow becomes and orange (ultraviolet radiation luminescence). Poison unit admits in jewelry.

   Looking at these bright pictures of minerals - and pictures in itself are unpoisonous and safe, will ask yourself and salespeople of stone, whether am for them though anything, to protect you as a buyer from poison and radiation. A relative safe of any stone conduct is legal rastamozhivanie and delivery, sanitary control and work of public organs. The salespeople of stone owe though to know something about a radiation and about poison, it is the strongest influences in nature. A quartz is not dangerous almost always in itself, and magic can be explained the impurity of different chemical elements and minerals, both dangerous and medicinal in small doses (litoterpiya).

   It is sometimes treated almost all of dangerous stone and mirneralami in small and low small doses (oligoelementss). In small doses a cinnabar is a stone of oblivion, applied including in psychiatry, and liquid in earthly terms silvery metal mercury - powerful afrodiziak for women. A mercury and sulphur is selected at heating from a red cinnabar (Spanish red, vermilion) which in a number of cases is examined as pharmaceutical preparation. Goldish sulphur extraordinarily looks like gold, and liquid mercury - on silvery and also poisonous lead which besides looks like a jeweller metal silver and platinum or hardening in-cold mercury. A mercury also forms a toxic and dangerous amalgam with gold and silver, reminding white gold. Stone therefore check on the category of litotherapy.


Crocoite. Berezovskoe mine, Sr. Ural, Russia, CIS. Photo: © A.A. Evseev.
a brightly-orange and red leaden crocoite is a chomate of lead of Pb CrO4


   Man's beads from any safe material are a reminder about prayer, united in a ring - about continuous prayer. Sorting out of rosary also allows practicing to save attention, contest with the loss of concentration and sleep. In some practices beads from different materials of doctor-litotherapy provide with ability to cure one or another illnesses. In addition, difficult motility of fingers, sorting out a rosary can help at treatment of illnesses and joints of hands. Reflexology, exact point and muscularly-tendon massage of hands (not to break up). In Ukraine (CIS) a rosary also love simply as jewelry - any.



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