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   Complete set of runes (25, Runes set). Runes for fortunetelling (High Futarkh). Futarkh an order is the natural and primary system, exposing the process of creation of Universe and different qualities, inherent its displays, because in him an accent is put on activity of Spirit.

   The most popular and inexpensive runes for fortunetelling are executed from a tree with a subsequent burning-out on him of rune characters. It one of the most ancient methods of causing of runes on plates, accessible yet for a primitive man. Later the technique of causing of rune symbol appeared on a bone, and only relatively recently (from point of evolution of man) the technique of causing of runes appeared on a hard stone (nephrite, quartz, chalcedony, obsidian) with the subsequent painting of runes or without it.

   The alphabetical order of High Futarkh of runes intended in in an order to mask their primary magic sequence. Thus, runes are exposed by the process of creation and qualities, initially inherent nature and to us. Rune shamans always belonged to High Futarkh an order with an anxiety and respect, induced Love and Harmony.

   They assisted fleece force; their general intention consisted in addition of harmony and order, in avoidance of intentional harm regardless of for what purpose question runes. Let briefly will consider High Futarkh order and his connection with a world view, widespread in old Scandinavia and North Europe.


   An U-rune UR goes the "first", as at the beginning of all of objects there was great primary Chaos, which north people named Ginnungagap, being "space" between two extremes or oppositions: By a fire and Ice, Yin and Yahn. UR is symbolized by Chaos, primary material of creation. The outline of rune reminds horns cows, tomentous downward, when it grazes on to the meadow.

   This rune also is character of sacred mythological cow Audumbla - that means wet "nurse" - mighty, primary creating force (energy, power), created from the first mixing of Space Fire and Ice, Yin and Yahn. In obedience to a myth, a bisexual giant was engendered in "womb" of Ginnungagapa, adopted Umrom and reared milk of Audumbla. This act is symbolized by the alchemic process of evaporation, condensation and clearing; so force (energy, power) works UR.

   UR is potential, stopped up at the beginning of everything. He contains the seed of development of all of things, findings life. An artist sets to work from a clean canvas or from a white sheet which nothing is present on. It is "space" just. However due to it an artist can empty space incarnate the ideas in a visible form. This rune can be likened to the digit of electric energy, to "jumping" out between the contacts of electric light bulb, when you include light. An electric charge moves quickly, making light and supporting his existence. Old Slavonic the word of Ginnungagap means the "unorganized vital essence, expecting embodiment in a form or in a spirit". UR is potential energy of this essence. UR is "space" between two oppositions, in which magnetic attractive power is and enormous energy of confluence frees oneself. UR designates Unshown simultaneously, nothing is formed in which, and initiator force (energy, power), doing possible any display. UR serves for freeing of creative energy.


   T-rune, TERS is primitive force (energy, power), forming Umra. "TERS" indeed means "giant" or "strong man". In the Scandinavian myths Umre was a father and mother of gods - essences, supervisory and sending natural forces, operating in the gradual process of organic development.

   TERS is energy, "clearing" a way among casual forces of Chaos before appearance of Space. It can be compared to the thunderstroke, arising out of collision of contrast oppositions. TERS was the destroyer of forces of Chaos, hostile the Space order; he protects Space from returning to Chaos. Therefore, although his force (energy, power) can be destructive - directed on the removal of out-of-date and replacement of him by something the best. TERS can be examined as "waking" up force (energy, power), bearing an awareness to that existed in area of subconscious, although its primary purpose consists in formation of order from chaos. TERS is the transmitter of potential of masculine creative energy, similarly as a penis is the channel of life-create seed. A rune has a form of thorn which in antiquity was character of human "perishable nature". This rune designates protecting from undesirable or hostile influences. Freeing of force (energy, power), prognostic the new beginning, defence of natural order. Destructive energy, stopped up in this rune, is directed only against that hostilely to the order and threatens natural laws.


   A-runa, ASS, AZZ is creative force (energy, power). There are three gods in north myths - One, Twisted and Ve - Umra won and created from his body Universe in a that kind, what we know it in. A word "ace" is meant by "One, God", and in an anglo-saxon adverb it means a "mouth" also. It is force (energy, power), breathing in the word of Creation, creating physical reality; force (energy, power), showing Unshown (Default).

   Divine Word was generated by life of all of things from the shapelessness of Chaos. Thus, ASS is by force (energy, power) freeing of Breathing of Life, self-expressions of creative Spirit. ASS incarnates in itself energy of idea and inspiration, functions of innermost levels of Reason, where the subconscious opens up. ASS is energy of self-expression, ability of report. It is force (energy, power) of air element, expressed in a sound, music, speech, and also in a financial form. Air allows us to hear voice of Nature. ASS closely associated with the element of Air, necessary for all of living creatures and formative an environment for the transmission of sound. The element of Air unites in itself womanish and masculine qualities - Yin and Yahn. The tripleness which in north mythology was presented Odin arises out of this dualism, Twisted and Be. One gave breathing, Twisted woke up senses and emotions, and Be created Will. The outline of rune is reminded by a fir-tree - evergreen, symbolizing immortality and divine force (energy, power). ASS is the rune of perception and force (energy, power), transmitter and accepting mental energy.


   R-rune, RAID is force (energy, power) of motion and order, shown in four directions and four elements. Therefore it and is a fourth rune. In legends it is considered the rune of Torus, god of thunder and lightning, as Torus personifies force (energy, power), impedimental Space Order to go back to primordial Chaos. It is a defender of order and creator of laws.

   In a rune RAID is stopped up potential of motion and direction. It is force (energy, power) of motion of stars and planets. It is motion in space-time, determining existence of Four Directions, proportions and orientation. A RAID is motion and direction, which we would not know without, where are. It force (energy, power), creating a rhythmic action, is supervisory cyclic and spiral development. It stands after the cyclic rotation of Earth round a Sun and Moon round Earth, determining the order of changing of day and night, and also times of year. Sometimes it is symbolic represented as a wheel with eight spokes, each of which is related to direction of wind and one of ways specifies to brightening and self-recognition. One of the most mighty attributes RAID is ability to hold energy under control for achievement of concrete result. A RAID also is a protective rune, allowing a people to be out of safety on any plan of life (objective reality).


   K-runa, KEN is lighting up force (energy, power); lightning, bringing the sudden flashes of inspiration. It is force (energy, power) of direction and motion, celled in the first phase of Creation also. It is internal light, converting a feedstock into a complete thing.

   A fire gives birth from lightning, and K-runa, KEN personifies a spiritual fire, clear and bright, as flame of torch which it is sometimes associated with. This rune is lighting up of Spirit, illuminative a way. This energy of light, outgoing from a "internal" fire and doing possible any performing.

   A word "KEN" simultaneously means to "know" and "be capable". His rune potential consists not only in force (energy, power) cognitions but also in ability to show inherent knowledge initially. It is light of lighting up, rune of internal tutorship, energy of search and recognition. It is not self knowledge, but rather that force (energy, power) which sets a fire enthusiasm and lights up a way. KEN is energy of flame, destroying and creating new forms under the realized control. It is force (energy, power) of analysis, decisive moving forward, expected growth and development. Light of K-runy gives the clarity of idea, necessary for visualization of important ideas and embodiment them in life. As a rune of Fire, KEN renders protecting influence in any enterprise venture.


   On an account S-runa goes sixth, GIFU, symbolizing six directions and center of Universe. It is force (energy, power) of harmony and equilibrium. A regulation outline is reflected by the equal exchange of energy between different directions. It a divine gift of Life is giving and receipt of life-breath.

   GIFU is usually associated with bringing of victim and receipt of gift in the context of exchange energy; you give nothing valuable in an exchange on benediction, already got or desired. However much such interpretation opens slightly the insignificant aspect of force (energy, power), inherent GIFU only. The greatest gift of creation is a gift of Life. HYPHA is provided by an equilibrium: its regulation outline X symbolizes great Wheel of Universe, revolved round the nave, hub. This rotation was stipulated by the concept of Six Directions, which can not be incarnate in a two-dimensional image. All holds out together in a blameless equilibrium, energy, motive force from one place in other, must be compensated therefore. GIFU also relates to the connective beginning - reunion or integration of opposite forces - and to denotation of scopes between them. It is force (energy, power) which simultaneously links and sends to the harmonic equilibrium, setting limitations of this process. GIFU is a gift of consciousness, equilibrium of streams of energy within bounds of Time and potential for a reunion with Source. This rune designates the sixth stage of process of Creation, when a life-breath entered in all forms and consciousness appeared.


   W-rune, VINYA is force (energy, power) of gladness, arising up as a result of exchange energy. It is gladness of satisfaction and completion, accompanying an sex orgasm. Therefore it is a seventh rune, because seven is a number of perfection.

   VINYA is potential of universal force (energy, power) of love, whose influence on a human creature consists in sense of gladness and prosperity. VINYA is the exceptionally personal force (energy, power), bringing a delight and propulsive to the fight for perfection. It allows you to test clean gladness, as personifies harmony of life, perceived human senses. Old Slavonic a word "VINYA" is meant by "glory of perfection". It is culmination of blameless and absolute love, not pulling out requirements and fully giving itself without expectation to get anything in exchange. Implied, that all in the world perfectly and deservingly to love. This rune specifies us on an ideal which we must aim to. VINYA was considered rune shamans by the "performer of desires", as potential force (energy, power) of realization is celled in it. Rune shamans compared the outline of rune to the shamanistic crystal rod which in itself served as the instrument of realization and materialization of desired. It is character of confirmation of purposeful desire.


   H-rune, KHAGAL personifies a rainbow, or bridge between the worlds. With it we approach the financial world, because this rune serves as completion of the first octave and simultaneously passing to the following. It is a rune of primary crystal which contains all of colors of spectrum and carries potential of realization, like the molecule of DNA in the cage of man. A H-rune can be also represented character of snowflake, designating eight directions.

   Rune shamans likened to a hailstone the "egg of creation" which in north mythology appears from confluence of Space Fire and Space Ice. Consequently, KHAGAL can be examined as expression of principle an evolution, to the prisoner in a hard structure. It is energy of the completed order, contained in a seed all, that lives and develops. KHAGAL sometimes represented as a crystalline snowflake. Shown thus, that it is energy of the already set order, but not putting in an order force (energy, power). Like a crystal, it retains and focuses. It is energy of well-organized structure which all of other is built on the basis of. It is force (energy, power) of natural changes, necessary for renewal of the lost equilibrium and conditioning for new growth and development. That seems the splash of the unbridled element at first, can turn around clearing, necessary for further development. Focusing and transformation of primary energies in a well-organized structure.


   With a N-rune, NIID appear essences of Nornes, interlacings Network of Universe, spinnings the filament of human life. These essences were in mythology, presented three goddesses or Nornami: Urdas (exist), Verdandi (be) and Skal'd (one ought). Norny usually determined as the Pas, Nastoyaschee and Future, but it is necessary to take into account, what a division of time is historical conception of western culture.

   The shamans of antiquity had a completely other picture of time; they examined him as closely casebound unity, always changing Now, is current from that was, to that finds life. In such understanding all, some time taking a place, until now actively and influences on the present the future is formed in which. A regulation outline of N-runes is look like two sticks, built for getting of fire. It designates force (energy, power) of friction and requirement in resistance.

   Essence passing does not disappear forever, but forms active part that we name "here and now", the Future is engendered in which. This shaman conception was reflected in appearance Tree of Iggdrasil, whose roots fed on water from an innermost well. In north mythology Space Tree was likened to the body of mythical giant Umra. Waters, feedings him, were personified a sacred cow Audumbla, whose nourishing "milk" was created by Time from nonexistence of Chaos. After a well looked after three goddess-nornas, thus each dwelt on one of three levels of well, where the mainroots of Tree went out. NIID is energy, freed in the conditions of stress and hard limitations. Time self on itself serves as a terminator, as sets the limit of duration that finds life. Thus, NIID symbolizes freeing of the self-generate life under act of tension. NIID is ability to turn failings in advantages and develop self-sufficiency. It is ability to understand that sometimes it is not necessary to oppose changes, to bearings nothing new on changing to unnecessary and obsolete. NIID is force (energy, power), standing after instinct of self-preservation. It is force (energy, power) of self-control and resolution. A N-rune can help you to get along at stresses and meet adversities confidently, with hope on the best.


   A tenth rune is an I-rune, ISS is force (energy, power), slowing power vibrations and making more a compact the structure of matter. It possesses properties of clarity and massiveness, and that is why sometimes equates with ice.

   ISS is an antihunt factor, saving unchanging all, that is exposed to his influence. ISS can be examined as internal force (energy, power) of self-control. For human creatures this rune serves as expression sew on. ISS is associated with immobility. In spite of the passivity, immobility is not the state which nothing takes a place in. It is a halt of motion, necessary for further development. The crust of ice on a winter lake only covers that takes a place on deep levels, invisible for us. Force of E-runes is expressed in the effect of concentration - attraction, taking together and maintainance of form. ISS is force (energy, power) of self-restraint, helping to understand, what qualities it follows us to save at back of our creature. Both ice serves as a saving agent and ISS saves things such, what they are, and the accumulated "cans".



   The first ten runes are designated by primary Creation and forces, creating the underlying spiritual structure of Universe. Next ten runes behave to the physical displays.


   Since a Y-runes, YARA, we first enter into the world of "ordinary" reality. A word "YARA" is meant by a "year", as this rune is cyclic force (energy, power), and also energy, giving birth and supporting life. A regulation outline symbolizes seasons two half-year, years and the winters, constantly interactive with each other. A summer harvest is winter food; seed, hidden in earth with the offensive of the winter, germinate to beginning of summer. Thus, a Y-rune is force (energy, power) of embodiment of intention in a tangible result.

   The regulation outline of rune of YARA is designated by two halves of year is "ice" of the winter and "fire" of summer follow after each other, interactive and mutually complementary. YARA is the process of organic development through well-organized motion which it is impossible to hurry or compel, as what be going on "inwardly" must be in harmony with external surroundings. If this natural order is violated for the sake of receipt of momentary result, an eventual result will be unfavorable. Does not force (energy, power) Power YARA changes, but carries out them gradually, in the continuous stream of spiral motion, where things find life in the turn, in the proper "interval" of cycle. While ISS symbolizes immersion in a matter, YARA symbolizes motion through a matter and rise to spiritual. However much an awareness of spirituality can be violent; it is a natural process.



   Three next runes are related to the mineral, vegetable and animal reigns.


   P-rune, PETER is energy of transformation, present in earthly minerals, metals, for example in iron which can be absorbed in thousands of things, however here remains iron. It is connective force (energy, power), saving durability and stability of things.

   A regulation outline of rune of PETER is look like a sac with plots, runes are kept in which. Executing the ceremony of question runes, a shaman lays out them from a sac. Saves PETER and retains for future birth and development. Power PETER is the process of slow transformation of potential, inherited from our ancestors and deeply hidden at the level of Subconscious. PETER is a rune of identity, showing, that all is created on appearance and similarity the family. It is force (energy, power), providing individuality. It guarantees that you will always remain by itself, regardless of how many lives will live. A P-rune can liken a gland in Mineral Reign. PETER is ability to "think rune", that to perceive the stratified structure of reality, consider by it and claim that knowledge which can open only runes.


   EI-rune, YO is energy of growth, supporting natural growths. It is in a neurolymph, giving a fortress to the spine. Possesses qualities of flexibility and endurance.

   YO is force (energy, power) of continuity, allowing life, to hidden in birth and death, to be in the natural loop of Universe. It is associated with a vegetable reign and especially with a yew tree - character of longevity. The regulation outline of rune is reminded by a backbone or barrel of tree, with a "tail" as a mainroot, get-away in depths Subconscious, while a "crown" extracts energy from the eternal reign of Spirit. Light and darkness are combined in single force (energy, power); life and death are not "enemies" or oppositions, but mutually complement each other. Each of us is personification of life, following after death which conduces to the future revival. YO binds perishable nature of our physical life to immortality of our spirit. It is force (energy, power) of nature, subjugating death! YO is force (energy, power), supporting different layers and levels of reality of multidimensional life. It can be compared to the barrel of tree, whose roots go away to earth, and a crown is lost in skies, or with a spine, transmitter signals from feet, stepping by "land", to the head which sometimes is "in clouds".


   Z-rune, OLGIZ is instinctive protecting force (energy, power), prevailing among wild animals. It provides intention of survival. North shamans considered a swan a "messenger" between Earth and Skies, by the transmitter of divine wisdom.

   OLGIZ is attractive power, relating individual Spirit with human community. It operates in an earthly plan and guards four aspects, celled in the primary act of Creation: body, reason, soul and Spirit. The regulation outline of rune can be compared to Space Tree, whose branches arrive at the Overhead World of superconscious life, and in the inverted kind - as roots, penetrable deeply in the Lower World of unconscious. A Z-rune, OLGIZ, relates to connection and defence. It is very important, that, uniting with our higher, spiritual "я", we firmly stood on earth, otherwise there is a threat our internal equilibrium. We can be very religious and spiritually developed people, but if it does not find a reflection in everyday life, our spirituality and religiousness stand very a bit. We simply cheat itself. Our potential immortality must be expressed through a frail shell. Fleece force (energy, power) of OLGIZ is firmly related to instinct of survival and his basic mechanisms. This instinctive defence is inherent all of living creatures, including people.


   A S-rune SOL goes following, meaning "sun force (energy, power)". It is energy of spiral development of life and light vibrations, and also power energy factor at birth of "light" of consciousness in the process of isolation of personality.

   SOL designates energy of spiral motion in multidimensional space. SOL is energy of rotation, similar to that which arises up on the top of whipping top. Energy is pushed outside and upwards, after again compresses pithily, and a process repeats oneself. This force (energy, power) revolves "space" round itself and causes the unusual phenomena - things which seem impossible. Sometimes it can have destructive consequences, but mainly operates beneficially, incarnating unbelievable dreams in reality. SOL is clarifying force (energy, power), allowing to perceive things and situations in their veritable kind. It grants the internal lighting up, allowing us to peep far forward, conducts and sends the light. SOL also designates light of the Soul - to the substance of which our consists higher "I am".



   Human creatures appear then.


   T-rune, TIR is masculine force (energy, power), expressing boldness, decisive actions, power and pressure. It has a form of spear - character of resolution and intention to succeed.

   Regulation outline of rune TIR is reminded by a spear: character of masculine force (energy, power), honour and courage. Power of T-runes is given by sense of direction, courage to follow on the chosen path with dignity, overcoming any obstacles. It is force (energy, power) of masculine principle of nature, sent on a creative river-bed. It clears a road, opening a way to harmony with itself and outward things. Other aspect of this force (energy, power) is related to penetration. The outline of rune can be compared to the penis, standing between prolate feet. Conception is needed for work of posterity. A purpose here consists not only in continuation of human family but also in reproduction itself - grant of other physical receptacle in which Spirit can continue the earthly wandering. For conception it is needed to activate a life-breath. Other aspect of oblatoryness is a willingness to give up the Ego for the sake of spiritual development, therefore TIR is sometimes associated with a concept "Spiritual warrior". A TIR is aspiring force (energy, power) to the higher purpose. It is ability to renounce something dear for the sake of blessing other and to arrive at the great performing in own life.


   B-runa, BYARKA is character of womanish force (energy, power), which feeds, cherishes and protects. It is maternal force (energy, power) of Earth, expressing an absolute anxiety and support. A rune has a form of womanish breast, personifying love, beauty and feeding.

   This force (energy, power) stands after the cyclic process of creation, growth and development. It feeds and protects new creature to his birth, and then influences on his development. BYARKA is related to the concept of Earthly Mother, giving life, feed-in, cherishing and guarding. A direct relation has Power of this rune to new life and to earthly experience as to one of the stages of individual development. It is not only originative force (energy, power); its action rather reminds relations between mother and child. It is solicitude and mutual defence, present in close domestic relations. It simultaneously saves and renews energy, restores unity and integrity. Therefore B-rune is inherent also powerful medical curings qualities.


   E-rune, EH can be examined as intercourse or connection of the womanish and masculine beginning. It is force (energy, power), inherent the ecstatic getting up. It personifies energy, perceived in a shamanistic "trip" - changed state of awareness, allowing to probe other plans of reality also. This rune is sometimes associated with a horse, as in Norwegian mythology a runner Odin Sleypnir carried him in other reigns of life. To it inherently property of solidarity.

   Native force (energy, power) of this rune is a capacity for intercourse on the different levels of life. This great gift was handed human creatures on the next stage of Creation. Wisdom is acquired by means of intercourse, thus not only with people but also with by animals, plants, minerals, and also with essences from other levels of life. E-rune are symbolized by a requirement in equal partnership between a man and woman, operating not only on physical, but also on mental and spiritual levels. An E-rune shows that equal partnership masculine and womanish beginnings comports with the course of natures. The ideas of masculine superiority served as the mean of achievement of power and enslavement. "All gives birth from a woman" is an universal law, operating at all levels of life. Nothing can get life only through the male masculine beginning.


   In M-rune, MADR this connective force (energy, power) shows up most deeply. It is creative co-operation, stopped up in basis of unity and harmony. The same force (energy, power) takes activity of right and counter-clockwise parencephalons together, provides their mutual support, so that intellectual ability of reason and intuitional lighting up develop arranged and harmoniously.

   MADR is a Old Norwegian word, meaning "persons", and also name of heathen god, "created in a flesh". Deep sense has such association, as exactly human personality is the receptacle of divine. Force of this rune allows people to be "perfected", that completer integrated in integrity of life. It allows us to get to know itself: to understand, who we such and why we here. Thus, M-rune gives sew on lives purpose and intelligentness. It that compels us to aspire to perfection. It that approaches us to divine, although outwardly we continue to remain people. Some runologists associated M-rune with an intellect and human reason, but actually its fleece force (energy, power) links an intellect and intuition together. It harmonizes activity of counter-clockwise and right parencephalons for perfection of Spirit.


   L-rune, to LAGU is force (energy, power) of fluidity. It is force (energy, power), motive lunar waves and power streams of various kinds. L-rune are marked by completion of next cycle of rune sequence.

   To LAGU - it fleece of water element, fluid force (energy, power), rising from the well of Subconscious. It clears and refreshes all of levels of life, because is the transmitter of vital energy. It is force (energy, power) achieved; a bow stem serves as its emblem. To LAGU is force (energy, power), what be going on from immersion in direct experience. It is similar to water, to washing you during swimming; you are in water and feel it, however make with it one unit. Old Slavonic a word to "LAGU" is meant by a "lake". Rune shamans especially valued transitional qualities LAGU, because water in antiquity was often used as transition character from life to death and from death to the revival.


   ING-rune, ING is considered character of fertility. At the same time it is an impulse, motive force from physical life to Space. It is understanding force (energy, power), ability to perceive and realize new.

   ING is force (energy, power), stocking on the future. It is associated with the body of the Soul. It is force (energy, power), reflecting internal essence of creature, getting through earthly experience and now expecting revival and further development. Its action is similar with the playback function of vegetable seed. In relation to human creatures is the depository of information for future life. This rune is associated with posterity and genealogy. A regulation outline is symbolized by opening a seed is kept in which. ING is force (energy, power), saving potential and retentive him until time does not come for freeing of energy.


   O-runa, ODAL is force (energy, power), doing us by human creatures. It is passed on an inheritance, and we carry it with itself from previous lives. Sometimes it is associated with a legacy and sense of safety, found in traditions and under a native roof.

   ODAL sets limitations. This rune symbolizes innate qualities, determining character. Old Slavonic a word "ODAL" is meant by the "right of ownership", and a regulation outline is combination of G-runes and ING-runes - designates force (energy, power) of domain. ODAL is the rune of performing - that was attained as a result of persistent labour, and then saved for a transmission and plugging in integrity of our creature. In north tradition of ODAL sometimes associated with a concept "houses" are refuges and places of forming of new personality.


   Outline of D-runes, DAGAZ look like a butterfly and symbolizes ability to overcome own limitations - like a butterfly, to creeping out from a cocoon and finding other form, with more wide possibilities of perception. This rune contains transforming force (energy, power) of brightening, prognostic new dawn of spiritual awareness.

   DAGAZ is an awakening rune. It is force (energy, power) of dawn, proclaiming beginning of new day. D-rune are symbolized by the new beginning, based on the past performing. It carries in itself energy of victory, ecstatic brightening, successful completion of long and heavy work. A regulation outline is designated by two equal periods of light and darkness with the "point of dawn" in the middle. A bridge personifies a bridge, link, connecting the reign of matter and reign of Spirit. A D-rune is force (energy, power) of awareness of veritable nature Universe in which light and darkness, material and spiritual, womanish and masculine perceived as mutually complementary aspects of single whole. Thus, DAGAZ is the rune of self-transformation. It is a "waking" up rune. It is energy of completion, moment of triumph and receipt of long-awaited reward for work labours.


   With a F-rune, FE we go near the finishing stage of Creation. It is ability to carry out everything, for the sake of what we found life in this life. Fleeces are symbolized by completion, but, arriving at him, we discover that it is a not end, but new beginning. A P-rune stands next to an U-rune, and both have the character a cow.

   Power FE consists in an active increase. It is realization attained and freeing of energy is simultaneous for the new undertaking. On this account FE is associated with the personal chattels, in particular with a cattle, serving mean of measuring of sufficiency in primitive society, and with a money in modern turnover of capital. FE synthesizes the processes of birth, life, death and revival. It is mobile energy, current in all of things; arriving at culmination, it is redistributed in other loop of activity. This fleece force (energy, power) saves the mastered vital experience which is after distributed for the use in next life.


   This empty rune symbolizes force (energy, power), existing outside organic processes and well-organized structure. Sometimes it is named a fate, but it has a few other sense. It the creative beginning, lying in area of incomprehensible and influencing on reality.

   This reaction, but not realized decision or choice, determines a business end mainly. 25th rune sometimes yet name the "rune of Odin": it symbolizes an absolute faith and finding of courage in this faith. This rune specifies on that it is necessary to expect unexpected events. you can come to understanding of the life, only working with runes and constantly day after a day directly feeling their influence.


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