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   Talismans for Aries (Ram)

   "Who comes on light at this time, that usually differs force of a body and spirit. Its destiny - to lead others, seldom it is possible to it to serve another, he persistently to aspire to the purpose" - wrote about born under symbol Aries (Ram) Domeniko Maria Novara. "A brilliant (diamond) - most precious of stones, Garnet, and red a ruby bring it happiness".

   Diamond is most expensive and beautiful noble stone. " The rainbow is ground in it forever "- so has poetically described its beauty Hafiz (moslem, word-perfect Koran). To most valuable of jewels centuries attributed miracle features and extraordinary force. It should bring ostensibly to the owner good luck in all affairs. It protected from illnesses and wounds, gave boldness and courage in fight. Even the hunter who carried him on a finger, could expect, that will not return from hunting with empty hands. Dark people of the Middle Ages believed, that chip split gallet the diamond, sewn up in clothes, protects from a malefice and evil spells. The brilliant as a talisman should be carried on the left hand or on a neck, but the frame should not interfere with a stone to concern skin - then it strengthened its action. But in popular belief, superstitions, connected with this stone there was one saying: it brought happiness only in the event that got to the owner fair by. And the beauty and value of brilliants raised avidity, often led to fraud, robberies and murders. From here legends about "damned jewelry" which ostensibly attract a trouble on heads of the owners also have gone.

   Almost all well-known brilliants have a history. Changeable and their rough destiny could make a plot of many detective stories. Here, on an example, "Cochinor" (cock, rooste - theft by the goitre of cock) - "light Mountain" - many centuries were the property Indian rajahs and masters. As the military trophy it has got to Delhi and when in 1739 shah Nadir has seized this city, diamond became its most precious extraction. Stolen of a treasury nadir, it passed from hands in hands, and in the beginning of XIX century it has appeared among jewelry of the master of Lahore. After some decades when Englishmen have suppressed revolt sipay and have confiscated property rajah, "Cochinor" have presented to the queen of Victoria. It weighs 108,3 carats and he can be seen in a royal treasury of the Great Britain.

   According to experts, the best brilliant is the "Eagles", the decorating sceptre of Russian (CIS) tsars. It stone the cleanest water, casting bluish shine. Under the legend, it was sacred stone, it was no time an eye of the gold image of god Brahmy in temple Sheringem. Though the temple day and night was under protection of several tens guards, the French soldier of Willows Derosh has managed to lull their vigilance and to steal magnificent diamond. Then he has been killed, but has had time to sell stone to any vagrant dealer. And then it the big fan of the brilliants, already mentioned shah Nadir has bought. After his death Deyatinor ("the Death Sea") as poetical named stone Nadir (the point on the celestial sphere directly below an observer and diametrically opposite the zenith), passed from hands in hands while, at last, it has not appeared in Amsterdam (a city known for processing of jewels) and there, travelling then across Europe prince Orlov, has bought it for 400 thousand gold roubles and has presented to Catherine II.

   The destiny 55 carats the Indian diamond of the cleanest water named Sansy was extraordinary also. It was a talisman of the duke of the Burgundian Charles Smelogo which never left it in confidence assurance that stone brings to it happiness. When the duke was lost in fight at Nancy, the Swiss soldier has gathered killed and, not knowing true value of this stone, has sold its regimental chaplain for 1 gulden. And that, having counted Diamond for a splinter ground faceted the Venetian glass, has conceded to its any shopkeeper for 2 thalers.

   At last, any its next owner, the jeweller, has understood its true value and has sold to the Portuguese king. Soon the king, wishing to pay the debts, has charged to the entrusted jeweller to sell stone. The brilliant was bought by the French adventurer and the player, a baron De Sansy (from it stone and has received the name). However soon the happiness has changed to a baron in game and it has sent the valet to put in pawn stone at the usurer. On road the servant was attacked by robbers and it, seeing what not to leave, has swallowed Diamond. Robbers were frightened off by passers-by, but unfortunate the servant has died of wounds. The mister has arranged to it funeral - the most surprising here begins in this history - and has gone to certain psychic clairvoyant which has told to it, that Diamond is in a body of the died. A baron has remorselessly ordered to open the dead man (and in those days it was strictly forbidden by church) and to make opening. So it has found the stone, but has been compelled to run from inquisition. Then it has left to England, has sold there Diamond, and itself through short time was lost in a duel. Sansy some time belonged to English king Jacobs. Leaving in exile to France, it took stone with itself, but having got to monetary difficulty, has sold to its all-powerful cardinal Mazarini. On death of the cardinal has got to a royal treasury.

   Louis XVI was last owner of diamond in France. After his death under a guillotine, Diamond (which value has at that time reached 1 million gold francs) has been stolen together with other royal jewelry. How many years later it has appeared in a treasury of the Spanish kings, and then it was bought by prince Demidov. After October revolution Sansy has been sold in Paris at auction of jewelry. For 1,5 million francs it has bought maharaja from Piatl. Exclusively original colouring two stones from a collection in city Dresden differ. " Green Diamond from Dresden "the second belonged to the Polish king to August Strong which has decorated with it the hat," white Saxon Diamond "August has bought for the fabulous price in one million thalers and has presented to the favourite, decanter Anna Kossel. Dark-blue Diamond to"hole"(Hope) - largest of colour brilliants. It Is considered an unhappy stone, since. Almost all its owners (including queen Maria Antuaneta) died a violent death. Largest of all known diamonds it is considered "CULLINAN" found in Pretoria in 1905 in a raw state 621 g weighed."ULLINAN"have divided into 105 smaller brilliants, most beautiful of which," the Star of Africa "(CULLINAN 11), weighs 503,2 carats. Pretoria, the capital of Republic of South Africa (RSA), a city in N South Africa, the administrative capital of South Africa; formerly capital of Transvaal province: two universities (1873, 1930); large steelworks. Pop.: 525 384 (2001).


   Talismans for Taurus (Bull)

   "People who will be born when the sun costs in sign Taurus (Bull), it usually people of cheerful nature, raised views, affable and lovely. Patience and congenital persistence overcome all obstacles. Their destiny is favoured by long trips. Stones of heavenly colour - turquoise and Sapphire - bring it happiness" - astrologist Avogardo in a horoscope for Taurus (Bull) wrote.

   Blue turquoise which is no time poetical named "a heavenly stone" (Aztecs believed, that is the hardened tears of the goddess of the sky), during all epoch were considered as a talisman especially helping with warm affairs. In an antiquity turquoise, as well as other jewels of blue colour, have been devoted in Egypt - Isida and in Greece and Rome - the Aphrodite and Venus. A ringlet with turquoise calaite by tradition exchanged in day of a betrothal, them gave in symbol a warm inclination. They were a symbol of invariable and true love. In the middle of the century believed, that if the woman wishes to involve in itself the man selected it it should sew up imperceptibly a turquoise slice in its clothes. Perhaps, it ostensibly magically property turquoise considered as the most suitable amulet of girls and young women. In the east in a cradle of the newborn girl put turquoise which it in day of wedding gave subsequently newly married. In XIX century Good form rules considered turquoise as one of few stones suitable for maidens more youngly 20th years and simultaneously asserted, that "women are more senior 30th years, married and unmarried, should refuse rings and ornaments with the turquoise appropriate young".

   Sapphire - one of the most beautiful jewels - was, as well as turquoise, a talisman enamoured and newly married. Ornaments from Sapphires were especially fashionable in Renaissance and baroque. Probably most magnificent Sapphires in Europe belonged to the duchess to Mantuansky, fine and clever Isabella D'Este Gonzag XVI century. Having got confused in debts, it has put in pawn a sapphire diadem at the Venetian usurer, but has simultaneously ordered to the court jeweller an exact copy of a diadem, and it has replaced Sapphires dark blue ground with glass from Murano. The jeweller so has excellent made a copy, that it has appeared better the original, and even when presents Sapphires have already returned to treasury Gonzag, the Isabella usually appeared on court celebrations in a counterfeit diadem. But Sapphires there is no time carried willingly not only because of their beauty and that trusted in their ability to bring happiness in love and to preserve against slander. They were considered also "as a talisman wise", made ostensibly the owner thirsty of knowledge, strengthened memory, strengthened prudence and judiciousness.


   Talismans for Gemini (Twins)

   Domeniko Maria Novara Madena has made a horoscope for Gemini (Twins): "The one who will be born when the sun has entered in symbol Gemini (Twins), usually happens dual nature. In their character have indissolubly incorporated kindly and angrily. Often kind, truthful, noble, they become suddenly irritable, talk scandal and are inclined to harm. They can overcome these bad lines carrying Agate on the left hand, chrysoprase gives calmness, and Beryl operates kind feelings".

   Semiprecious, various colouring Agate in an antiquity considered as a stone devoted of Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit trees, to the goddess of gardens, kitchen gardens and crops, therefore it followed carry that who was engaged in gardening and agriculture. Agate balls placed in gardens for protection of plants, colours and fruits against night frosts and hailstones. As well miracle force of this stone should favour to cattle breeders. During later epoch Agate was the most widespread semiprecious stone used for various hand-made articles - inexpensive ornaments and decorative subjects - figurines, vases and buckles. It was also one of few stones who were authorised to be carried that who was in mourning.

   And green chrysoprases was considered as the best talisman for businessmen - merchants, bankers and all who on a post had to deal with the big sums of money daily. Owners of the chrysoprases which have been put in order in gold, could, according to astrologists, not to be afraid of dishonest counterparts, danger trading travel and a material damage.

   And the third stone twins - bluish Beryl (Aquamarine) - brought happiness in warm affairs. Its owner could be assured, that the person favourite by it will not give heart to another. And as it favoured to a constancy of feelings he often shone in those rings that gave in day of a betrothal or wedding.


   Talismans for Cancer (Crab, rayfish)

   Those who was born during a time of long days and the shortest nights, should, according to astrologists, to be pensive, are timid, changeable in moods, are sensitive to the fine. In the Middle Ages believed, that in domination of this sign on the zodiac will be born most of all the people who are under the power of the moon - sleepwalkers and the people possessing ability to predict the future. The emerald, version Chrysoberyl named "the cat's eye" and Pearls were a talisman of these people on old popular belief, superstition Moon stone.

   Dairy-blue Moon stone, called differently selenit, symbolised magic force of lunar beams. Therefore it was considered as the most suitable amulet for the people who were born during a full moon, and for born on Monday - day "operated" the moon. Selenite (gypsum) helped with love cares and the separated or squabbled enamoured carried rings with a moonstone possessing ability to overcome an obstacle in a way fortunately. Moon stone ostensibly gave to the owner in difficult positions pieces of good advice. Tiho De Brage, the well-known astronomer, wrote in the book about jewels: " If you do not know, on what to dare, take Moon stone, wait the Moon exit and when its beams will shine Selenite (gypsum), tensely think that would like to make ". From other extraordinary properties what attributed to this stone, it is necessary to mention extended everywhere in Elizabethan England popular belief, superstition, that Moon stone gives to the owner gift eloquence oratory and belief. To It lawyers, orators and deputies of parliament before public performances put on a ring with selenite.

   Beautiful stone an emerald especially willingly carried during an antiquity and Revival epoch. In Egypt it belonged to jewels Izida, patronesses of women and a home. For this reason according to the advice of priests pregnant women carried emerald amulets which then put in a cradle of newborns. Emerald was also a talisman of fishermen and seamen, stored from death in sea waves, pacified a storm, provided good catch, take. In Islam countries believed, that this stone with the verse cut out on it a crown if to carry it on the left hand, protects from a sting of venomous snakes and from road dangers. Enamoured in Renaissance in day of wedding exchanged emerald rings, believing, that it will provide with it durability of love and matrimonial fidelity.

   The third happy stone for born under symbol a cancer was dark green Chrysoberyl, named in common popular parlance "the cat's eye". This stone was once especially popular because of a patch of light running on a surface (the phenomena opalescence). It was considered as an effective amulet at dicing and at other gamblings. Any cat's eye as Chrysoberyl cat's eye to buy actually is more actual is practically unreal. It green Ulexite, a quartz cat's eye, a nephrite with effect of the cat's eye, etc.


   Talismans for Leo (Lion)

   These are any stones of yellow colour: amber, chrysolite, olivine and a topaz.

   Amber - though it and not jewels colour stones - since the most ancient times served both an ornament and an amulet. Already Egyptians and the Greek priests knew amber censer, incense burner, cassolette. The hospitable owner, wishing especially honour the visitor, threw a pinch of a yellow powder in fire of the burning furnace. The Roman merchants undertook far and dangerous travel to bring from foggy coast of northern seas gold blocks of amber. Thanking its mysterious properties and unknown then to an origin, amber attributed miracle force of protection against charms and bad anger. Astrologists considered, that electron (as there is no time on it is Greek named amber) - most favorably for the people who were born under symbol Leo (Lion). But it is not necessary born under symbol Taurus (Bull) (21.4-21.5).

   Beautiful gemstones colour stones the yellowish-green colouring, named chrysolite, also favoured to people born under symbol a lion. And born under symbol fishes (21) Should be careful of it. Chrysolite brought a quiet dream, banished night nightmares. Put in order in gold, it strengthened spiritual forces of the owner and allowed gift to predict the future. Therefore rings with this stone often were carried by astrologists and foretellers. Carrying olivine (a chrysolite version) provided liking of associates and good luck in affairs. It stored property from a fire and theft. In the Middle Ages it was carried often by townspeople, merchants and bankers.

   Topaz (city Zhitomir region, Ukraine, CIS) once named "a stone court", everywhere believed, that this yellow, gold transparent stone helps to get favour of grandees and governors and brings riches. It was a suitable amulet for the people going to a distant way - with diplomatic mission and on trading affairs. Its influence allowed to expect intentions of the enemy and prompted a piece of good advice. For Lvov topazes of yellow, wine colour and the transparent colourless approach.


   Talismans for Virgo (Native, Maiden)

   To the people who were born under symbol Virgo (Native, Maiden), should bring happiness a nephrite and a cornelian. That these stones-talismans possessed the greatest force, they should be put in order in silver or in platinum, but only not in gold.

   The greenish nephrite was known already during prehistoric times, of it did ornaments and the weapon. At the tribes occupying islands Oceania, the axe with nephrite, jade an edge serves to this day distinctive symbol the leader. During later epoch the nephrite carrying the poetic name of "a life stone", was in especial honour at the Chinese emperors. Chronicler annalist emperor Tao (VI century BC) Wrote down, that on court celebrations the monarch acted in mitre from a nephrite, and on a breast at the court hung nephrite, jade plates, the form and which size depended on a post and a rank. This green opaque stone considered also as an amulet strengthening vital forces and protecting from all illnesses therefore the sickly successor of a throne slept on a box cut out of one big block of a nephrite. In ancient Rome, in Greece and Byzantium believed, that the nephrite brings good luck in gamblings, gives a victory to drivers on competitions quadrigas (a two-wheeled chariot drawn by four horses abreast) and to runners on the sport Olympic games. Besides this green stone preserved from "" an evil eye "". But not for all the nephrite could be a talisman. Astrologists considered, that people born under symbol Gemini (Twins) and Sagittarius (Archer), should not carry an ornament from a nephrite.

   Cornelian, Sard - translucent gemstones colour stones orange, red, red-brown, greenish or white colouring, was thanks to the hardness a stone of the arms in rings and the seals. On a surface of larger ground cornelians cut out images of gods, profiles of monarchs, aphorisms and spells. In Egypt the cornelian belonged to the stones devoted to the goddess Isida. Believers carried fasteners from this stone with a symbol the goddesses reminding under the form trifoliate a clover, in symbol that "mothers of gods" give themselves under protection. After death before putting a mummy died in a sarcophagus, on its breast put this fastener which should provide to a shower quiet road to the country of the dead. Seldom meeting cornelians (white) were favourite stones of Greek women. They should add shine to their beauty, give freshness to a skin and treat a toothache. In the Middle Ages of an ornament from a cornelian were very popular, since. Everywhere trusted in ability of a cornelian to win black magic, to protect from evil will, to give bravery and to help with secret preservation. Together with disappearance of medieval superstitions interest to this beautiful mineral was gone. Only towards the end of XIX century jewellers have anew opened its charm. Now necklaces and bracelets from a cornelian - one of favourite ornaments of the modern woman.


   Talismans for Libra (Balance)

   Pleasant though both to a little thoughtless and careless people born when the sun costs in sign Libra (Balance), astrologists recommended to carry disgraces and lazurite (ljapis-azure).

   Perhaps, among jewels is not present such with which it would be connected so much popular beliefs, superstitions and prejudices, how many with opal, iridescent, with iridescent light. In the Middle Ages rings with disgraces should protect from a plague for this reason during epidemic everywhere carried ornaments from disgrace. As a talisman of disgraces should guarantee success in all undertakings. But only provided that its owner - the person noble, managed to overcome in itself egoism and aspiration to riches. And people changeable, with unstable character should be careful of this stone. It also brings prophecy gift but if the future prediction had for an object to damage to someone, disgraces lost the wonderful property. It was a hope stone, and in the east of it considered as a fidelity stone. From Renaissance in Europe has extended popular belief, superstition, that "iridescent stones" bring misfortune. Court ceremonial of Russian tsars forbade to appear on palace celebrations in opal ornaments. It even has caused the small diplomatic conflict: in Catherine II board the wife of the adviser of the French embassy in Petersburg was on ball in a necklace from magnificent iridescent opals. Suddenly the chamberlain has approached to it and has asked, that it or has removed the forbidden ornament from a neck, or has left a palace hall. In vain confused lady explained, that it has no concept about hostility of the tsarina to these stones. As she has not wished to remove an ornament from a neck, she had to come back home. The husband so severely offended marchioness was going to send the complaint to the king, but Ekaterina has hushed up business, having sent to the offended lady a necklace from the Ural alexandrite, very fashionable then in Russia. Big has fallen down in a gold frame has got in XVII century in treasure house, depository of the Spanish kings. But as soon as on the reigning house troubles fell down - the successor of a throne has died the child, and the flotilla carrying gold from the South America, has sunk at coast of Spain - ominous stone have given to monks from a monastery in Almenede, and those have hung up it before image of the Madonna.

   Of blue lazurite in an antiquity did so-called gems- oval plates with the engraved drawing. The Roman fans of art were proud of the collections from several thousand such gems. At times they were true masterpieces of engraving skill.

   Astrologists advised to carry ornaments from lazurite to the people who were born under symbol Libra (Balance), since. Influence of this stone should soften weaknesses often inherent in the people born under it symbol - insufficient consistency, changeability in friendship and love. The same who is born under symbol Cancer (Crab, rayfish) and Capricorn (Goat), should be careful of this stone.

   As the majority of precious and semiprecious stones, lazurite belonged to "medical stones". From lazurite, lapis lazuli crumbs did a fine dark blue not fading paint which masters of a gothic style and revival painted clothes of the sacred.


   Talismans for Scorpio (Scorpion)

   "When the sun enters in symbol Scorpio (Scorpion) which the planet Mars corrects, people ambitious, persistent, loving a science, often aspiring to the power, sometimes suffering a melancholy" will be born, - wrote Tiho de Brage in the to "The Book of horoscopes". "Their jewelry is Aquamarine, carbuncle, coral, and their main talisman is a ring or a bracelet in the form of a snake".

   Aquamarine - beautiful, transparent zelenovato-blue stone - in an antiquity and in the Middle Ages considered as an amulet of the happy matrimonial unions. In France newly married exchanged rings with aquamarine, believing, that thanks to it their life will pass in mutual love and respect. Aquamarine possessed also force to turn thoughts of the owner to the one who has presented it. Therefore enamoured, compelled for time to leave, exchanged ornaments with this stone. And have arrived glorified in the Middle Ages enamoured - philosopher Abeljar and its schoolgirl Eloiza leaving Paris, wise and fine Eloiza has put on a ring finger a ring with aquamarine. She often recollected this stone in letters to Abelyar, naming this ring "reminding of the happiest days". Seafarers and seamen also trusted in wonderful force of aquamarine which in an antiquity has been devoted by a deity of sea depths. The one who carried it, could not be afraid of dangers of a swimming.

   The second precious stone-talisman for born under it symbol was coral - in Egypt, devoted Isida, and in Greece and Rome - the Aphrodite (Venus). Corals amulets suspended over cradles of newborns. It should protect them from "evil eye". Coral stored also from a lightning. Its force frightened off demons and drove away temptations. Therefore among Christian clergy the custom of carrying corals beads for man has extended.

   The Blood-red version Garnet named carbuncle (pyrope), was a favourite ornament in an antiquity and in the Middle Ages. About its mysterious force legends went. In Rome carbuncle was a talisman at pregnant women, considered, that it adds it vital force and provides safe childbirth. And in the Middle Ages it was carried mainly by men, especially military, since. This stone should store from wounds. Carbuncle should raise in hearts of people friendly feelings ostensibly. Its owner should not be afraid, that friends will leave it a difficult minute. It also banished black thoughts and disseminated a melancholy. Therefore astrologists intended to its people born under symbol Scorpio (Scorpion). Carbuncle earlier could name any red stones, including red spinel or rubies though it is meant pyrope more often.


   Talismans for Sagittarius (Archer)

   Who was born at this time, that dared and impertinent, it is loved also by misters and servants, a bearing at it haughty, appearance often beautiful. Willingly makes travel on the sea and more chilly. He over a measure loves horses and hunting, usually propensity have to conversations and dances - so the Italian astrologist Lodoviko from Sienna wrote to XV century. Their jewelry is Amethyst which brings good luck on hunting and in knightly entertainments and protects from drunkenness. And the topaz which helps to get goodwill of misters and governors, and the chrysolite running from road adventures.

   The ancient considered Amethyst as an amulet of the greatest force. Greeks asserted, that it has received the name from fine nymph Ametis to whom the god of wine and pleasure - Dionysus has blazed with sudden passion. But the fine nymph has rejected its harassments, since. Loved the shepherd Spricos - the beautiful musician and favourite Appolona. Offended Dionysus pursued it through meadows and woods, and the nymph, escaping, has called to the aid goddess Artemis. As soon as Dionysus was going to conclude the nymph in the embrace, the goddess has transformed it in flickering lilac shine stone, named on her name Amethyst. And in memory of the rejected god of wine to this stone force from drunkenness has been allowed to store. The one who drank wines from a cup decorated Amethyst or had on a finger a ring with this stone, could not be afraid, that the drink bedim its mind or will excessively loosen tongue. Lilac stone was a favourite stone ancient as well because should help with the hunting entertainments, in sports and even in affairs. It was carried by Greeks and Egyptians, its unusual properties mention Sumer inscriptions on clay tablets deciphered by the English archeologist bradys. The belief that Amethyst is capable to cause love to giving was one of extraordinary popular beliefs, superstitions, connected with this stone even if presented it before it is enamoured in another. "Amethyst" - stone "not love", former love replaces in indifference, and heart for new opens. Be careful of its woman betrothed, or married. A Sumer priest cut out these words on the clay tablet thirty centuries ago.

   And in Rome Amethyst named "a blest stone" which brought good luck, rest and the blessing, calmed nervous breakdowns, settled conflicts. Rings with a blest stone were carried by the first Christians, later this custom has passed to priests and bishops. From Amethysts did beads on which usually hotly prayed in days of wars and acts of nature. That Amethysts shone on hands of ecclesiastics and on church utensils of several has reduced popularity of this stone among people secular. In XIX in it playfully named "a stone of old bachelors", and the custom forbade to give ornaments with Amethysts to young girls and young wives. But, according to astrologists Amethyst, - irrespective of an age, sex and a social standing - was a happy stone for all those who was born under symbol Sagittarius (Archer) and symbol Pisces (Fish) (21.2-20.3).

   About properties of a topaz - "a stone court" and greenish chrysolite which and Sagittarius (Archer) bring happiness, it is told there where it is spoken about talismans for Leo (Lion).


   Talismans for Capricorn (Goat)

   Gloomy Saturn represented in the form of the aged man with a goat, operates symbol Capricorn (Goat). When in a sky this towers symbol, on light people, already from the youth not on years serious and severe come. Their life is full of all works and cares, the destiny does not regret it thorns. Such that not absolutely clear words the well-known astronomer who was engaged and an astrology has depicted the future "to a Capricorn" - is Tiho de Brage. In the end of the reasonings he adds: "Falsities of changeable fate will be easier for transferring it if a purple ruby, dark onyx and green malachite will be their talismans".

   Ruby - beautiful red stone with a purple reflexion, should bring to people from under a sign on a goat happiness in love. "If you wish to achieve reciprocity, present to that or that to whom your heart is declined, a ruby of colour of a flame - and you will kindle in it love" - other astrologist advised. Other property of a ruby because of which it was carried willingly by people, was concordant of the popular beliefs, superstitions that it stored the owner from dangers horse driving (rubies often decorated a horse harness), from lightnings and flooding. Rings with rubies or not put in order stones were carried by the people who are afraid of poison for believed, that the ruby shipped in poisoned drink or brought to an edge of the poisoned dagger changes the colour. The son of daddy Alexander VI well-known for the bravery and cruelty Caesar Bordzhia, carried a ring with a huge ruby under the name "Flame of Borgia" (Spanish red cinnabar, vermilion, Spanish red, Almaden, Span) and asserted, that stone this rescued time and again to it a life.

   Jewels colour stones brown or blackish colour under the name onyx in an antiquity highly appreciated for its magic and medical properties. It named "a stone of leaders", since. It should give owning it the power over other people, to clear up mind and has allowed to get into plans of political opponents. It also strengthened memory and protected from sudden death and from attempts at a life. But risky for matrimonial happiness was to give to the wife onyx a beads, unless only the husband agreed that the wife will play as a result the first violin. Was considered, that onyx set in silver gives desire to live and banishes black thoughts. Astrologists asserted, that onyx - the most suitable talisman for born under symbol a goat as well for those who was born 8, 17 and 26 numbers, as well as for those who was born on Saturday. And on born under symbol Cancer (Crab, rayfish) and Libra (Balance) it made adverse impact.

   Dark-green malachite Was an amulet strengthening spiritual forces of its owner and thanks to this property it was carried willingly by people of a science. In its unusual force inhabitants of the east especially deeply trusted. The malachite plate with cut out on it a solar disk should bring to the owner good luck in affairs, health and success in love.


   Talismans for Aquarius (Water Bearer)

   Astrologists asserted, that who was born, when in the sky shines Aquarius (Water Bearer), those with gentleness, generosity and congenital kindness involves in itself hearts great and small, vicissitudes of life take down courageously and patiently, and fidelity in friendship - their virtue. They find pleasure and willingly time in a science and arts over the book spend. To these people should bring happiness Garnet and zircon.

   Jewels colour stones Garnet, existing in the several versions differing among themselves on colour - from dark red to yellowish - was a symbol of warm feelings, love and friendship. Persian poet Hafija wrote: " As the solar beam ignites Garnet in your ring so my heart kindles love to you ".Wish all the enamoured exchanged this stone. Rings with Garnet gave these ornaments in proofs of friendship, memory, gratitude were especially fashionable during a romanticism epoch when to symbolics gave great value. Of small red stones did rings, brooches, suspension brackets in the form of the connected hearts, colours, quadrifoliate a clover, horseshoe, anchors. And in an antiquity on a surface of the big ground pomegranates cut out profiles of masters, images of gods, portraits of relatives are those gems, usually beautiful and speaking about skill of the artist-engraver which we and until now can admire in museums. People of the east appreciated red stones them ostensibly salutary properties. Garnet should provide to the owner good mood and cheerful thoughts but only on condition that it never remove. Stone this was considered not only "as a talisman enamoured", it named also "an honesty stone". Who has seized it by robbery and larceny, could not expect, that Garnet will bring to it happiness. In XV century In Italy told entertaining history about the thief who has plundered a bench of the rich goldsmith in city Florence. Among the stolen values there was the gold chain covered with sparkling pomegranates. After a while the robber have caught, and when have selected at it extraction to general surprise have found out, that stones have lost colour, have grown turbid and have not turned black almost, and only when a chain have returned to its owner, Garnets have again begun to sparkle full shine. Garnet brought happiness and that who was born under symbol Aries (Ram) and Scorpio (Scorpion), and born under symbol Taurus (Bull) or Cancer (Crab, rayfish) should be careful of it.

   Zircon - rare transparent stone which in the east named "The younger brother of diamond". These are jewels ostensibly improved mental faculties of the owner, raised in it aspiration to sciences and to true knowledge. They strengthened memory, raised ingenuity. Zircon bluish colouring were talismans of travellers, since. They should frighten off wild animals and protect from stings of venomous snakes. At the moment to buy natural zircon it is practically impossible.


   Talismans for Pisces (Fish)

   "When the sun enters in symbol Pisces (Fish), unusual people will be born. Often bring with itself on light gifts of muses. The poetry, music and books are loved more, rather than by other people. To action magic great interest feed. Their mind often dim to bring to reason anger and then work but happens them. Pearls, found at the bottom of the seas, and Amethysts, casting violet shine, bring it happiness" - so the astronomer and astrologist Domeniko Maria Novara, the professor and scientific patron Nicolaus Copernicus wrote to XV century Bolognese.

   Whence in bowls which catch in depths of oceans, these undertake roundish, with gentle shine of a particle? Greeks asserted, that it is the hardened tears Oceania, sea nymphs. In the Middle Ages told a poetic legend that tears of orphans and innocently offended, angels close in bowls, transforming them in a jewelry. Now it is known, that origin Pearls is much more prosy. It is made by a special kind sea mollusks - pearl oyster. Pearls happens various colouring, size and the form. At coast of India catch valuable Pearls - inconspicuous-pinkish, in coastal waters Ceylon divers find silver-plated and yellowish Pearls, in sea of Japan - light-green, in Australia - white. Hunters find In waves of Gulf of Mexico original black Pearls, and in gulf of California live pearl oyster, creating Pearls rozovo-red. Ornaments from Pearls were known already almost during prehistoric times. Tsarinas of an antiquity very much loved Pearls. Semiramida on palace festivals have appeared in seven threads pink Pearls the extraordinary size. Cleopatra also was the owner of a casket with Pearls huge value. Rich Greek women willingly carried pearl ornaments which should add to eyes shine and protect their owner from torments of meek love. On an antique cemetery in Cerameykos, near to Athenes, in IV century BC have buried 25-year-old Gogeso , the wife of the rich inhabitant of capital. The grieved spouse ordered to cut out a tombstone from marble. To this day it is possible to see it in one of the Athenian museums. The young beautiful woman in a long attire says goodbye to jewelry in which it dressed up during lifetime. In an open casket bracelets and pearl threads lay. Near to Gogeso there is beautiful young man Tanatos, the god of death who spends her to a hell. In Rome and Byzantium necklaces from three numbers Pearls handed over to winners in competitions quadrigas.

   Inhabitants of the East also highly appreciated these fine stone. Told, that in a treasury maharaja Hyderabad was 120 box casket to edges filled Pearls. The Indian merchants believed, that the ring with Pearls protects from thieves and from dishonest transactions. The dresses embroidered pearls served as a wedding bridal outfit in the Middle Ages and in Renaissance. When Yadvige, oldest daughter Kazimir Great, got married the Bavarian prince, on it there was a satiny dress so plentifully covered Pearls and gold, that (as wrote Bavarian chronographer annalist) "the princess was conducted to an altar by the groom and his brother for newly married hardly moved feet, and the loop of its celebratory clothes was born by three pages". In Italy believed, that Pearls protects from "evil eye" and gives ability to expect the future. During a romanticism epoch it was fashionable to give to a subject of love a ring with Pearls, symbolising "melancholy tear". In the end of XIX century Japanese have started to plant so-called artificial Pearls, placing in a bowl of a mollusc balls from pearl weight. The growing pearl allocated the substance enveloping an alien subject, and in some years from a bowl took out a large brilliant pearl. But in the world market this Pearls is on sale much more cheaply, than natural. Largest of pearls known till now have caught 70 years ago in bay of Bengal. By name the first owner, it is called to "Hole", has the form of the extended drop (its length about 5 sm, and weight - 454 carats) and differs extraordinary colouring: its surface, white with pink outflow, on 1/4 - brown. It is possible to see it in is natural-scientific collection the British museum in London.



  • Runes, rune amulets and talismans from a bone (heathen pagan and slavonic themes)
  • Numerology, magic of numbers (on Pythagoras and Corneliuse Agrippa, numbers from 1 to 9)


   Zodiacs, horoscopes stones

      Pisces (Fish) 20.02-20.03 - symbol of Zodiac Pisces (Fish), horoscope of the stone
      Aries (Ram) 21.03-20.04 - symbol of Zodiac Aries (Ram), horoscope of the stone
      Taurus (Bull) 21.04-21.05 - symbol of Zodiac Taurus (Bull), horoscope of the stone

      Gemini (Twins) 22.05-21.06 - symbol of Zodiac Gemini (Twins), horoscope of the stone
      Cancer (Crab, rayfish) 22.06-22.07 - symbol of Zodiac Cancer (Crab, rayfish), horoscope of the stone
      Leo (Lion) 23.07-23.08 - symbol of Zodiac Leo (Lion), horoscope of the stone

      Virgo (Native, Maiden) 24.08-23.09 - symbol of Zodiac Virgo (Native, Maiden), horoscope of the stone
      Libra (Balance) 24.09-23.10 - symbol of Zodiac Libra (Balance), horoscope of the stone
      Scorpio (Scorpion) 24.10-22.11 - symbol of Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion), horoscope of the stone

      Sagittarius (Archer) 23.11-21.12 - symbol of Zodiac Sagittarius (Archer), horoscope of the stone
      Capricorn (Goat) 22.12-20.01 - symbol of Zodiac Capricorn (Goat), horoscope of the stone
      Aquarius (Water Bearer) 21.01-19.02 - symbol of Zodiac Aquarius (Water Bearer), horoscope of the stone