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   Iczina hexagrams, consisting of two ("Ba") trigrams ("Gua"), are underlaid, that from six continuous and interrupted in the middle lines. Invention of Gua - eight conjectural and philosophical trigrams - in obedience to legend add the legendary Chinese ruler Fu Si, to being at power from 2852 to 2737 B.C.

   Once, upright on the riverside Hwang Ho (tsunami water wave), Fu Si allegedly saw a swimming out enormous tortoise (there is a mentioned dragon or horse in other sources), on the back of which mysterious signs, consisting of continuous and interrupted in the middle lines, were traced. In their combinations Fu Si system of characters, proper his pictures of the universe, where a main place belonged to heaven and earth, from co-operation of which gave birth all of flesh and lifeless, all of the phenomena and things.

   Note comment. Tsunami is giant water wave, arising up on-the-spot ocean as a result of submarine killerquakes or eruptions of submarine and island volcanos. Calls at bays, bays, canyons, rivers and low places. Calamity for China (Iczin) and Israel (Pentateuch Moses Tora, the Books of the Old Covenant, religious testamentary).

   Ba-Gua (two trigrams) is used not only for fortunetelling, on his basis the theory of Feng-shui, and also philosophical and battle art, is created (internal style of Ba-Gua Cuan Sue). Future inseparably from the pas and the present. In Book of changes of Iczin they make a single line, to cut which short would mean hammered together from a correct way and get in an extremely unpleasant situation. According to it all of hexagrams of Chinese classic Book of changes also show by itself the picture of transition of one situation in other. The hexagram of Ba-Gua means the joint of the pas (overhead Gua) and future (lower Gua), united in today together (Ba-Gua or hexagram).

   From other side, they will realize and show the binary number system. Ugh used Si only two elements - continuous line which symbolizes the man's beginning of Yahn and means "yes" (1), and irregular line, - Yin, that "no" (0). Disposing these hyphens definitely, it is possible to get a hexagram, which, in obedience to Book of changes, carries in itself a prediction for today and advice on the future. If to read Iczin in succession and fully, an original novel can turn out about the battle of good and evil. Emperor Fu Si (if authorship is actual him) was expressed by sense of every hexagram by an aphorism (verse poetry).

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Chinese classic images tables of the 64 hexagrams



  • Runes, rune amulets and talismans from a bone (heathen pagan and slavonic themes)
  • Numerology, magic of numbers (on Pythagoras and Corneliuse Agrippa, numbers from 1 to 9)


   Zodiacs, horoscopes stones

      Pisces (Fish) 20.02-20.03 - symbol of Zodiac Pisces (Fish), horoscope of the stone
      Aries (Ram) 21.03-20.04 - symbol of Zodiac Aries (Ram), horoscope of the stone
      Taurus (Bull) 21.04-21.05 - symbol of Zodiac Taurus (Bull), horoscope of the stone

      Gemini (Twins) 22.05-21.06 - symbol of Zodiac Gemini (Twins), horoscope of the stone
      Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish) 22.06-22.07 - symbol of Zodiac Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish), horoscope of the stone
      Leo (Lion) 23.07-23.08 - symbol of Zodiac Leo (Lion), horoscope of the stone

      Virgo (Native, Maiden) 24.08-23.09 - symbol of Zodiac Virgo (Native, Maiden), horoscope of the stone
      Libra (Balance) 24.09-23.10 - symbol of Zodiac Libra (Balance), horoscope of the stone
      Scorpio (Scorpion) 24.10-22.11 - symbol of Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion), horoscope of the stone

      Sagittarius (Archer) 23.11-21.12 - symbol of Zodiac Sagittarius (Archer), horoscope of the stone
      Capricorn (Goat) 22.12-20.01 - symbol of Zodiac Capricorn (Goat), horoscope of the stone
      Aquarius (Water Bearer) 21.01-19.02 - symbol of Zodiac Aquarius (Water Bearer), horoscope of the stone