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   From those immemorial times, when a people found ability of perception of harmony and beauty of outward him things, attention rivet him to itself, by the magic game of color, transparency and perfection of form and crystals, jewels and semiprecious stone. Not having, except for observation of other instruments for cognition of nature, people during many millenniums accumulated and assorted signs and properties of stone, casting aside casual and saving steadily repetitive connections in memory.

   At determination definition of modern term a "semiprecious stone" is not talked about the role of semiprecious stone as amulets and talismans. But in this quality stone were used from deep antiquity, it, strictly speaking, their first practical application along with the decoration of body. Vera is inalienable part of human consciousness. In early periods of life of man on Earth, to development of science, it compelled to consider immutable truth magic properties of semiprecious stone. A desire to defend oneself from misfortunes and adversities helped to provide with a stone magic properties and supernatural force. In more late time it was begun stone to be added medical properties. Semiprecious stone are the beautiful coloured and colourless stone and fossils, applied in the treated or natural kind in jeweller and artistic wares, at revetment of the most essential buildings, and also as talismans and amulets.

   Thus, it is possible to name transparent cutting facetting stone at which a color (diamond, mountain crystal quartz) absents and which the bright, characteristic colouring is inherent semiprecious stone (sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz). Semiprecious stone are opaque stone, but also having the characteristic colouring (jasper, lazurite, lapis lazuli, amazon-stone) or game of light (sun and lunar stone, opal). Stone which are used for arts and crafts (malachite, charoite, rhodonite) or in building as facings (labradorite, marble onyx) are also semiprecious stone. Last years to the semiprecious stone different formations of organic and inorganic origin are attributed: pearls, corals, amber, petrified tree. And, certainly, only the most beautiful and popular stone and fossils are used a man as talismans and amulets.

   You can define the stone of day of week
   Stone, proper the day of week, which you borned in. You can at a desire carry stone in accordance with the days of week
* MONDAY - Pearls, rock crystal
* TUESDAY - Ruby, an emerald
* WEDNESDAY - Amethyst
* THURSDAY - Sapphire
* FRIDAY - Emerald, the Cat's eye
* SATURDAY - Turquoise, Diamond
* SUNDAY - Topaz

   O'clock of birth and stone
   Every stone for time of appearance of people on light

smoke-coloured quartz
lazurite, lapis lazuli
a ruby
cornelian, sard
jade, jadeite

   It was noticed that it is impossible to carry decorations from 2, 4, 8, by 13 stone simultaneously: they hoodooed their proprietors. But if you are strong and able to survive loading from such combination of amount of stone, manage with the offered tests, you have nothing to be afraid of such amount of stone in a decoration. It is recommended to carry decorations from 1, 3, 5, 7, by 9 stone: they bring success.

   People today love stone the same as and a lot of ages back. One want certainly to have stone in jeweller wares. Other are satisfied collection standards. The third want to have the stone-talisman. Modern people in most disbelieve in magic, but, strangely enough, believe in magic properties of stone. A people counts one of them by the talismans of love, second - by the talismans of health, third - by the talismans of fireside. There are stone-talismans of intrepidity, loyalty, charm, wisdom. The stone-talismans of happy trips, guarding a traveler in a distant road, are known. A people searches a promoter in a stone, because by nature by it he wants to be happy, healthy, independent. Wants to have family, the house, to live comfortably, on the square and enemies. Dreams about work like, about mutual love, children - continuers of his business and family. And hopes that a stone-talisman will help these dreams to be sold off.

   Except for the semiprecious stone, there are semiprecious stone of success. These stone bring success in businesses in a certain month, day of week and even in the separate clock of days. Certainly, it would be desirable to meet with a man which can take the liberty a luxury to change stone on a clock. However however necessary it is to bring a table over from the book of E.Levi, in which he recommends for carrying in each of twelve months certain semiprecious stone. So, regardless of what month you borned in, must you help in businesses the followings correlations:

   * in January is a Garnet, a hyacinth
   * in February is an amethyst, a hyacinth
   * in March is jasper, an amethyst
   * in April is a sapphire, jasper
   * in May is an agate, emerald, a sapphire
   * in June is an emerald, an agate
   * in July is an onyx, an emerald
   * in August is a cornelian, a sardonyx
   * in September is a chrysolite, сардер
   * in October is a beryl, aquamarine, a chrysolite
   * in November is topaz, a beryl
   * in December is a ruby, topaz

   Russia is a neighbour sew on native Ukraine, Russia is very rich in semiprecious stone. No other country not to have a look in with it on the variety of jeweller, carpentry and decoratively-facings stone. If to study the above-mentioned tables and confront the stone transferred in them with the semiprecious stone of Russia, it is possible to see that many Russian stone in tables are not mentioned. Not a single table takes into account these features. Taking into account possibilities of Russia at the market of stone the Russian universal calendar of semiprecious stone is made. Stone, obtained on the deposits of Russia, are included in him only. Therefore someone will not see in him favourite turquoise the deposits of which in Russia now are not present. In Russia of rubies and sapphires which, though discovered, but in so a few and such quality, that talking about the industrial value of finds is not necessary. However famous Russia is other semiprecious stone.

   In the Russian calendar stone part on the degree of transparency on transparent, semilucent and opaque. Such approach is accepted first, as well as intercommunication of semiprecious stone with sometimes years. These two features predetermine possibility of choice. It is necessary to mark that some semiprecious stone (green diopside, smoke-coloured quartz, grenades, moonstone) can have a different degree of transparency, therefore they de bene esse are attributed to the middle degree - semilucent.

   Correlation of stone and times of year is made on the sign of color. A spring supposes passing from the monotonous white color of the winter to the bloom of waking up earth and variety of paints. To the summer a green color is more than all related. The stone of autumn have a great number of flowers, characteristic for this time of year. For the stone of the winter determining are warming tones.

   To the spring stone are attributed from colourless to having the most different colors and tints, incident to the spring, and also game of light (diamond, moonstone). A spring is time of falling in love, and they can choose itself a diamond, character of cleanness and innocence; an emerald is character of happy love and modesty. A moonstone is symbolized by a health and longevity. Perelivt and jasper, as if having a presentiment the disorderly conduct of paints, the variety of color is hurry a spring. Lazurit is similar to clean sky on which clouds swim only now and then.

   Stone of summer in most green. A green color calms, disposes to meditations about life, its constancy and changeability, like in an alexandrite a green color at daily illumination changes on red at artificial. Here mountain crystal, as if a clean spring; agate, by the strips and lines reminding the Russian field; as greenery of grass, bushes and trees is a chrysolite, chrysoprase, green diopside, noble worm-pipe, malachite, nephrite.

   In an autumn period the variety of colour possibilities of nature is represented in stone. It is here possible to see a yellow (topaz) and red (cornelian) foliage; yet green grass, powder the first easy snowball (amazon-stone and jade, jadeite); red wild ash on flying around branches (rhodonite). In autumn already coldly, and sailing away far smoke of fire, giving the name a smoke-coloured quartz, brings flashbacks on about the gone summer and warm sea (aquamarine).

   Winter stone have a palette of tones, where it is possible to see red, yellow, violet. They warm years in an uncomfortable period, what the winter is, wake up the desire of life in the soul. The heat of red Garnets, warmth of amethyst, resist snow-storms and cold, amber and чароита, sparkling aventurine. Variety of color of tourmaline (from 2 to 5 tints are in one crystal), and also Garnets (red and green) reminds about that all passes and on changing the cold of the winter necessarily will come warmly years.

   A calendar is universal that in him it is possible to choose both the happy stone on a birthday and stone for success in businesses in set time of year. So, if your birthday is in June, choose itself one of stone of summer. However for success in businesses, for example in January, does not mix to carry one of stone of the winter. A choice comports only with what from the transferred stone is liked more than all, in fact your favourite semiprecious stone is part of your person soul.


   Interestingly, that in China is from ancient times considered, that all of lifeless nature (including minerals) submits Moon. Chinese assert that in certain days magic force of minerals increases or decreases depending on influence on them of nightly luminary. We offer to you to familiarize with the Chinese calendar of stone.

    1th lunar moon days - are a diamond, mountain crystal, quartz.
    2th lunar moon days - are jade, jadeite, chalcedony, agate.
    3th lunar moon days - are a ruby, aventurine, carnelian.
    4th lunar moon days - are a nephrite, sardonyx, agate.
    5th lunar moon days - are amber, turquoise, chalcedony.
    6th lunar moon days - are a citrine, hyacinth.
    7th lunar moon days - are a sapphire, coral, turquoise, heliotrope.
    8th lunar moon days - are an agate, morione black quartz.
    9th lunar moon days - are pearls, serpentine, morione black quartz, alexandrite.
   10th lunar moon days - are turquoise, sardonyx.
   11th lunar moon days - are an anhydroferrite, selenite, cornelian, opal.
   12th lunar moon days - are coral, lazurite, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl.
   13th lunar moon days - are a red ruby, opal.
   14th lunar moon days - are a hyacinth, sapphire, lazurite, lapis lazuli.
   15th lunar moon days - are an agate, emerald, selenite.
   16th lunar moon days - are pearls, tourmaline, emerald, obsidian.
   17th lunar moon days - are obsidian, anhydroferrite, zircon.
   18th lunar moon days - are an agate, white opal, opal.
   19th lunar moon days - are a chrysolite, demantoide, onyx, agate.
   20th lunar moon days - are jasper, mountain crystal.
   21th lunar moon days - are zircon, aventurine, alexandrite.
   22th lunar moon days - are amber, agate.
   23th lunar moon days - smoke-quartz, columbite, sardonyx, nephrite.
   24th lunar moon days - are a citrine, obsidian, turquoise.
   25th lunar moon days - are quartzs, mountain crystal.
   26th lunar moon days - are a nephrite, coral.
   27th lunar moon days - are malachite, quartz, smoke-quartz.
   28th lunar moon days - are a chrysolite, chrysoprase.
   29th lunar moon days - in this day it is better not to carry stone.
   30th lunar moon days - are a Garnet, pearls, olivine.


  • Runes, rune amulets and talismans from a bone (heathen pagan and slavonic themes)
  • Numerology, magic of numbers (on Pythagoras and Corneliuse Agrippa, numbers from 1 to 9)


   Zodiacs, horoscopes stones

      Pisces (Fish) 20.02-20.03 - symbol of Zodiac Pisces (Fish), horoscope of the stone
      Aries (Ram) 21.03-20.04 - symbol of Zodiac Aries (Ram), horoscope of the stone
      Taurus (Bull) 21.04-21.05 - symbol of Zodiac Taurus (Bull), horoscope of the stone

      Gemini (Twins) 22.05-21.06 - symbol of Zodiac Gemini (Twins), horoscope of the stone
      Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish) 22.06-22.07 - symbol of Zodiac Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish), horoscope of the stone
      Leo (Lion) 23.07-23.08 - symbol of Zodiac Leo (Lion), horoscope of the stone

      Virgo (Native, Maiden) 24.08-23.09 - symbol of Zodiac Virgo (Native, Maiden), horoscope of the stone
      Libra (Balance) 24.09-23.10 - symbol of Zodiac Libra (Balance), horoscope of the stone
      Scorpio (Scorpion) 24.10-22.11 - symbol of Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion), horoscope of the stone

      Sagittarius (Archer) 23.11-21.12 - symbol of Zodiac Sagittarius (Archer), horoscope of the stone
      Capricorn (Goat) 22.12-20.01 - symbol of Zodiac Capricorn (Goat), horoscope of the stone
      Aquarius (Water Bearer) 21.01-19.02 - symbol of Zodiac Aquarius (Water Bearer), horoscope of the stone